The Federazione Pagana and the Pagan Religion

by Claudio Simeoni

Constructing ancient prechristian religions today.



The Pagan Religion, of which the Federazione Pagana is an organizer, was born as a human need inside the continuity of that philosophical and social process that begun in the Italian Renaissance and led to Libertinism, Enlightenment, Materialism and Romanticism.

This social and philosophic movement experienced the contradiction between the need of a new social system of thought and people's education that bore the psychological and emotional mark of creationism.

On one side, societies urged to open towards the future; on the other side, people feeling this need were trapped into the creationist truth that prevented them to think to the world as changing.

People educated to the truth that stops their becoming and transformations in front of the creator god suddenly discovered that life is a continuous change and that this continuous change doesn't obey to any moral and to any truth imposed by a creator god.

When people began to leave the moral of submission imposed by the creator god, they at first turned themselves into many "almighty gods", ruining life because they weren't able to think the world in other ways than the creator god's one. Freud discovered the unconscious and people's conformation to infant shock, but the education continued to subject children to the creator god, devastating their unconscious and turning them into inadequate citizens. Darwin introduced the idea of change and growth, both of Nature and of individuals, but children were forced to consider themselves created by the owner-god in his own image and as separated from and superior to the world their owner created. Lorenz showed people the intelligence of animals and plants; nevertheless, children were forced to think of themselves as created by the owner-god in his own image and not as part of the intelligence of the world in which they lived with all other living species.

For this reasons, the 20th century was the century of ideological totalitarianisms. These totalitarianism were an expression of people's need to open towards a future: they could only imagine that future by identifying themselves with the owner-god as creator of the universe. The scientific discoveries were showing a reality that was different from what the christian, and more generally monotheistic, religious faith showed. Children education by monotheism continued nevertheless to impose self-identification in faith, in opposition to the reality that the science was showing. 20th century totalitarianisms were the result of the restatement of the owner-god desire (also under the shape of owner-State) upon the Science that was beginning to consider every Being, of every Species in Nature, as an actor determining its own destiny by its own choices. Totalitarianisms were born from the will to submit people to a Will outside life as christianity stated.

The main issue was the religion, and the way people considered life, the Gods and their own "living in the world". Like in Ancient Religions the Gods took part to life and changed with it, so the Pagan Religion, renewing the Ancient Religions, opens a different future to people.

In the Pagan Religion there isn't a truth to believe in, but a life to live. There isn't a moral to follow and obey, but there are relations of people willing to construct a future for society and for the Gods. There are no Gods hidden in the sky, but Gods living among people and assisted by people in their path of eternity, that is the same for Human Beings and Beings of Nature, too, beyond the species they belong to.

This implies not only a different religion, that is the Pagan Religion, but a different sociology, a different way to set laws, a different way to live in society, a different way to look at life and universe. There aren't people created by an almighty owner-god, but people constructing the Universal Consciousness together with every subject in the universe.

There are no children to subdue to a truth, but children who must be given the instruments they need to face their future.

In other words: no more slaves, but CITIZENS.

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Marghera, January 1, 2010

Claudio Simeoni


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The tradition of Pagan Religion

Gli Antichi costruirono la loro Religione attingendo dalle relazioni che loro avevano con il loro mondo. Da loro ereditiamo i semi del passato perché siamo i loro figli, ma per onorarli dobbiamo essere in grado di costruire la nostra religione attingendo dalle relazioni che noi abbiamo col mondo in cui viviamo.