A God is born
Pagan Religion, Winter Solstice

The magical and hieratic activity of the Pagan Religion

Claudio Simeoni

Winter Solstice - Hymns


A God is being born
I have not been won, I stretch my days

I see and I have the sight
I feel and I get excited
I act and plan
I think and describe

I rise in the world in which I live
I have accomplished what my species has decreed

I am the flower of Aphrodite
In a heart that received me becoming my home

From the nostrils I breathe the power of life
With which I dissolve the bonds and enter into the flame
To put justice where there is no justice


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Tradução para o Português Solstício de inverno. Nasce un Deus

In Italiano Nasce un DIO;



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Winter Solstice - Hymns



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Wolfgang Joop sculpture; birth of Eros-Fanes



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