The Aim

The elements of the Sorcerer's Crucible: Fifth part

by Claudio Simeoni

(Italian Pagans' Federation)


Federazione Pagana

Programme broadcast on 15th May 1997

In the last programme we put the Attention related to the senses inside the Crucible and we gave further informations about the elements of the Sorcerer's stick.

In the world of reason, the Aim becomes the intention.

The intention becomes Aim when it absorbs the whole individual and orients the individual's actions. Those actions aren't fortuitous but are determinant for the individual's becoming. The Aim is the intention which involves the attention. The Aim is the purpose of the individual's actions.

The Aim is the purpose of life.

But the aim is actually a sum of aims. Every action we do is oriented in order to obtain something. When we apply the attention to that action we become the aim and the aim becomes us. The Aim is a force which drags Human Beings when they exert the attention.

Normally Human Beings are used to act without regarding to where they wanted to arrive or to what their action causes, because they're looking too much at the immediate. They often say: "I didn't know that I would caused this if I had done this action! I was in good faith when I did this!" The cause of this is that people don't become the aim, they don't use the attention to satisfy their necessities and to exert their senses.

Paying no attention to the effects of the actions is the result of the christian education: "Kill them all, god will distinguish!" said the executed-little-girls' blood drinker Innocenzo III when he ordered the slaughtering of Cathars.

It's important that Human Beings learn to ask themselves: "What do I want?"

It's important that Human Beings learn to ask themselves: "What do I obtain with this action?"

My senses perceive; perceived things force to act: "Where do my action lead?"

In this way the Human Being stops its reason, doesn't allow its description to determine its action and allows the coming on time to determine its construction through the action in the present time. The coming on time can't be perceived by reason, but only by the Luminous Body's perception.

We're stirring in our Crucible with our stick. While we were constructing our stick we modified ourselves by allowing the Luminous body's senses to merge with the reason's. Therefore the intention becomes aim: every action is oriented to the construction of the Luminous Body.

In reason we have to manage to make intention leading our action: so the Luminous Body forces reason to act in order to develop it.

I look with the intention of looking: not only as a custom.

I listen with the intention of listening: not just for listening.

I smell with the intention of smelling: not just for smelling

I taste with the intention of tasting: not just for eating

I touch the world with the intention of touching: not just for touching.

Every sense has its own aim and reason has to learn to obey to the individual's aim, even if, when starting practicing, they are reason's intention.

Only a few time after the intention will turn into single aims until the Luminous Body will prevail over reason, forcing it to turn its intention into aim, the real purpose of its actions.

We stir in our Crucible with the stick we constructed and now we're stirring the attention related to senses and aim.

We stir and the aim leads the attention of senses.

In this moment we can no more let ourselves go. The aim took possession of us. We can no more look away from the coming on time: now we're Janus!

We constructed the Sorcerer's stick by putting together the suspension of the internal dialogue, the suspension of the judgement and the scepticism; we disciplined senses by orienting their use. Now we are going to face the unknown around us.

Before facing the surrounding unknown, which we perceive as immanent and ready to be penetrated, we have to reinforce our reason.

We fight a long war against reason by stopping the internal dialogue and imposing the aim to our senses, now we mustn't allow reason to be shocked: we mustn't allow it to go insane. We stopped the conditioned reason, now we have to give it different means.

We have to extend knowledge in order to fortify our reason!

Next time, we'll put the reason's knowledge into the Sorcerer's Crucible.

After the Human Being constructed the Sorcerer's stick, used the attention and imposed its aim, it acts towards two direction. One is the reinforcement of reason to rebuild it when the Educational Conditioning has been removed, the second is the showing out of the Luminous Body's aim through this new reason, relating it with the surrounding world.

The subjective divine harmonizes with the surrounding divine in order to form one aim.



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