The elements of the Sorcerer's Crucible: Tenth part

by Claudio Simeoni

(Italian Pagans' Federation)


Federazione Pagana

Programme broadcast on 19th June 1997

Today we'll talk about the ambush in the Sorcerer's Crucible.

The ambush is a subjective way to face life. It's a way to structure the thought in order to better face life. We can put the ambush inside the crucible only after we constructed the Sorcerer's stick by developing the ability of suspension of the internal dialogue and of judgement, and the sceptical attitude. It's possible only after we developed our aim and the attention related to senses. It's possible after we started listening the world around us. Only in that moment the ambush becomes a technique (or, which is better, an art), by which we can catch what we need to build our becoming. The ambush allows to catch what we need, even freedom, and to escape from the Having Power's coercions.

The ambush must be preceded by the suspension of judgement, because the elements we need to organize the ambush don't belong to reason's description but belong to aims, to the perception and to other elements typical of the luminous body. The luminous body shows itself up by flashes of action that seem to reason as if they were actions without a sense.

Just because they're a non-sense doing, they must be exerted as long as it's possible, so that reason can find its own explanations and make the ambush fall into a way of being, as a technique to act inside the Social System, and not only as a reflex of the luminous body.

What Lara did when she first assents to satisfy Jupiter's request, who wants to get round Giuturna, was a practice of ambush. When Jupiter is sure that Lara assents, Lara spreads to the Four World's Song his intentions and foils his plans. It was a practice of ambush what Prometeus did when he had to decide what part of the sacrifice had to be given to gods and he hid the substance under the appearances, so that the gods, deceived, chose the bag with bones hidden under the fat and left to Human Beings the bag with meat hidden under the animal's skin.

Every practice by which we consolidate ourselves to reach a purpose it's practice of ambush. Exerting our will in order to structure ourselves and to reach a purpose it's a practice of ambush. Even what a smoker does in order to give up smoking it's a practice of ambush.

By the exerting of the ambush we can catch everything. By the ambush we can found our becoming in the eternity. Every Human being practices the ambush considering it through its own subjectivity. The specificities by which an ambush is organized are different because they correspond to the wishes and predilections of the single Being. The main features are in common and so are the aims which produce the art of ambush.

The Human Being who exerts the art of the ambush isn't manipulable, and can't be subjugated. Those who exert the art of the ambush slip away from every conditioning and every subjection. Those who exert the art of ambush are masters of themselves and of their becoming in whatever circumstance they act.

Stirring in the Sorcerer's Crucible: introducing in thought the possibility of exerting the art of ambush. In the same moment in which this idea will appear to our mind we'll realize that we are looking at the surrounding world with different eyes. In the same moment in which we'll ingest the idea of the art of ambush, we'll feel the Being Power growing inside us as a result of the subjective determination by which we face the world.

We'll feel powerful. We'll feel powerful not because we possess the world, but because it permeates us and we become part of it. Exerting the art of ambush makes the individual become master of itself. Master of its own aim!

The art of ambush is mixed with the controlled madness we talked about. While we exert the art of ambush we must show the controlled madness to the world. This will protect the Apprentice Sorcerer while the practice of the ambush grows inside him/her. The art of the ambush can be exerted only in order to develop the Being Power by increasing the Being Power of the Social System in which we live. We can't practise the art of ambush to take possession of the Social System. The practice of the art of ambush entails a pure heart and a pure aim, sustained by the impeccability in stirring in the Crucible. When we exert Deception to take possession of something we're not practicing the art of ambush: we're swindling!

The Crucible in which we stir is becoming richer and richer. In the next programme we'll introduce another concept we mentioned before: living with will and determination.



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