The Attention

The elements of the Sorcererís Crucible: Fourth part

by Claudio Simeoni

(Italian Pagans' Federation)


Federazione Pagana

Programme broadcast on 8th May 1997

In the Crucible we find: the Attention.

Whatís the attention? Itís the Beingís (Human Beingís in our case) ability to concentrate the whole self in perceiving.

Iíll talk about the attention in the perception related to senses, because this is the kind of attention that the Apprentice Sorcerer stirs in the Crucible with the stick.

Concentrating the whole self when listening; concentrating the whole self when looking, concentrating the whole self when smelling; concentrating the whole self when touching the world!

Stirring this kind of attention with the stick we constructed we exert our senses in the world, but we exert them as if our existence depended from their use.

As if it were a question of life or death.

When we suspend the internal dialogue, the phenomena perceived increase. In this moment we need to suspend the judgement in order to prevent reason from taking possession of the new phenomena and new arriving sensations. We give ourselves up to these new phenomena and sensations, extending them. Going on with the exposition, weíll see how we can do this!

What arrives to the individual in that moment? Many things he/she forgot, many sensations he/she ignored. Some elements the individual believed unimportant in its existence acquire importance.

Every Human Being is unique and the sensations it feels are unique. The aspects of the world it grasps are a mediation between what it became and what the surrounding world shows.

We should remember that a Foetus Being dies after nine months in its motherís womb and that a child dies about ten-twelve years after to turn into an adult Human Being. So I canít know the subjective times in which the Human Beings will learn to grasp new phenomena. And I canít either know the quality of perceived phenomena. We can only know that in that moment they will start to develop their Being power.

The attention dealt in this way allows the Human Being to escape from the Educational Conditioning it suffered, by using its own determinations. We canít know what direction its development will take, because the development belongs to the single Human Being. We know that the Human Being will feel the strength of will and determinations growing inside itself.

We can also know that through the senses it will start elaborating and facing the phobias that the Educational conditioning imposed on it. Concentrating the attention on senses, suspending the description of the world develops a particular internal sense which is a sort of result produced by the necessities of the luminous body when they show themselves to the reasonís feeling.

We stir the content of the Crucible with the Sorcererís stick. The Crucible and its contents are the Apprentice Sorcerer/Witch.

Exerting the attention on senses the charge of Vital Force will grow and at the same time the need of satisfying necessities will become urgent. The satisfaction of necessities for harmonic relations allows a further development of the individualís Being Power.

In the next programme, Iíll associate the Aim to the attention.

The attention will be explained in its various aspects little by little as I introduce new elements in the Crucible, mixing them.



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