Perceiving beings made only by Vital Force and meeting the Gods

by Claudio Simeoni

(Italian Pagans' Federation)


Answer to Teresa’s E-mail

I start writing my answer on 5 February 2001, 7:20 pm.

Why I'm saying this to you? Because to answer to your question I have had to ask myself: How can I take Teresa to meet the GODS? Because this is what she wants! I found an answer, but I'm not going to give it to you now! But I want to say something about those spirits and presences with which you "converse". I can talk you about them even if I don't know the way you talk with them. They're not GODS, they're "Beings made only by Vital force"

What's the meaning of this? It means that their Consciousness took shape by Vital force violent compressions as a consequence of seaquakes, earthquakes, hurricanes, storms, volcanic eruptions and so on. They become conscious by separating their consciousness from the unconscious Vital force which permeates the whole universe. They recognize their awareness, but they haven't knowledge! Their energy field is infinitely smaller than a Nature Being's energy field, but they use it in an absolutely different way.

These Beings tend to expand themselves, like every other Being. In order to do it, they must learn. They learn from Nature Beings and often from Human Beings. When they start, they move like blind larvae without a definite goal, then, as they gain knowledge, they elaborate strategical plans to "enlarge" themselves. By what are they fed? They feed themselves by Vital force dispersed by Nature Beings.

For example, every time a Human Being works, eats, makes love, studies..., gives out a little fraction of Vital force which tastes differently. In its action, the Human Being absorbs Vital Force, like every other Nature Being. There's always a giving and an absorbing. These Beings made only by Vital force feed themselves with the Energy which Nature Beings disperse, and they develop their fondnesses. They approach the Being they prefer, and they urge to do those action which are more suitable to their appetite. As they grow, their strategies become more and more sofisticated until they can be divided in two groups: those who feed themselves with awareness, and those who feed themselves with Stagnated Vital Force.

Those who feed themselves with Stagnated Vital force cares only for Human Beings. They want to favour all the situation which force Human Beings on their knees. Human Beings renounce to face life and start praying and hoping in the intervention of a protector. These Vital force Beings approach Human Beings in despair and make their desperation, fear and phobias. They are christians' best allies (really, they built christianity), but they're allied even with muslims, hebrews and buddhist.

The Beings made only by Vital force who feed themselves with awareness are "fools" or, if you prefer, "tricksters". Their aim is learning, not feeding. When they find a Human Being who communicate with them, they put him/her in the strangest situations of life, and then watch what he/she does! These ones help the Human Being (or the Nature Being) to develop his/her awareness and nourish his/her Being Power. They become mad with joy when they see the ways by which the Nature Being solves the situation they caused.

Their energy field is very little, I could say it's lowest in comparison with the energy field of the smallest Nature Being. The Human Being thinks it's big because he/she was educated so (and they exploit this education). An act of will by the Nature Being is enough to send them away, violently struck. The Human Being learnt to defend him/herself from a poisonous snake using for example a stick, but he/she never learnt to defend from Beings made only by Vital Fource, because he/she thinks they're something supernatural. Those Vital Fource Beings are so clever that they made fun behind the backs of generations of Magicians who took them for saints, angels or devils!

GODS are something else, they're the forge from which you (and they, too) originated. We're a particular set of fragment of GODS, and we have to evoke a GOD inside ourselves if we want to recognize it outside us.

This is quite a different matter.

You first have to solve your affairs with the Vital force Beings with which you "converse", if it's true, they made you a big trap. Some people who listen to me on the radio find this trap in their dreaming.

What's the trap they prepared to you?

What are your weak points?

What do you want that you don't have?

On these questions the Beings made only by Vital force build their traps. The Beings who feed themselves with Stagnated Vital force do so in order to feed with the submission they cause in you, the others to have knowledge of the way by which you solve the situations they cause.



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