Perceiving beings made only by Vital Force and meeting the Gods

second part, further explainations

by Claudio Simeoni

(Italian Pagans' Federation)


Answer to Teresa’s E-mail
second part, further explainations

Hi Claudio,

I have been considering your reply, and it is quite interesting, but I have some questions. I don't understand how consciousness can take shape from violent compressions in the first place (or how does "force" change to "vital force"?). Also, where do departed spirits fit in? Perhaps some of the presences I converse with are people who have moved to the afterlife. Another question I have is, when you speak of "nature beings" are you refering to humans only, or to "nature spirits", and animals too? You refer to the beings who "feed themselves with awareness"--can these be what is usually refered to as "Spirit Guides"? Thank you for your comments. You have got me thinkings, and already I have made some improvements. When you are ready to tell me how you can take me to "meet the GODS", please do so



Hi Teresa

I'm going to answer your questions one after the other.

I don't understand how consciousness can take shape from violent compressions (or how does "force" change to "vital force"?).

I answered this question in that lecture my daughter translated last summer, in the first chapter. Summarizing briefly, I'll tell you that all the existing, even the existing we don't conceive or imagine, is made by Vital Force. Matter is one of Vital Force’s way to structure itself (and it's the way we perceive it), but Vital Force fluctuates freely in the space, filling it, and it's movement-bearer. It doesn't bear consciousness, because it's not able to circumscribe itself by recognizing itself as different from the surrounding.

All the existing in the universe is Vital Force (as existing's first brick), but not all the existing is Self-Conscious! The ABSOLUTE movement is the passage of the whole universe from unawareness to awareness. The possibility of becoming conscious and exerting will in order to choose the best adaptions is a intrinsic condition for all the existing! The passage from a state of unawareness to a state of awareness is possible only in the right conditions. Objective favourable conditions force a part of the Vital Force to become aware, and objective favourable conditions allow it to exert its will in order to choose the best adaptions and grow. While for Human Beings these favourable conditions for the passage from unaware to aware are the result of a sexual intercourse between a man and a woman, there are other ways and conditions to realize the passage. It's always a compressions of Vital Force with different speeds and appears to the seer with different colours (there isn't really a colour, but the seer's feeling turns itself in a colour, in the seer's mind!). The colour is different according to different kinds of being and different path of expansion followed.

As concerns how consciousness takes shape from violent compressions, I can't say it to you because I don't know! I just take note of a situation. A situation which reproduces itself even in Pagan rites, when emotional participation is very high and the conditions are favourable. Beings of Energy are born there and they are stronger than those who take place from natural compressions (maybe because they take from the bystanders knowledge, aims and awareness, too; it happened so for some Nymphs of Ancient Rome who became honored as great GODS: CERERE, GIUTURNA, FERENTINA ecc.). In the last chapter of the lecture translated last summer, there's something about this!

Also, where do departed spirits fit in? Perhaps some of the presences I converse with are people who have moved to the afterlife.

This kind of questions is part of the educational complex in which we were born. I have difficulty in answering this. Witchcraft surrenders in the face of two things: the uncritical faith as acceptance of a belief by which interpret religious and spiritualistic manifestations and red-hot irons. If you believe that they are departed Human Beings spirits, I won't ever be able to make you change your ideas. This kind of belief is easy to assume because it's an element of all the religions we know: after physical body death, a soul or a spirit remains and goes on.

The differences between religious beliefs are built on how does this spirit goes on. But physical life often doesn't lead to the luminous body birth (or the spirit or the soul which goes on after the death birth, if you prefer so). A Nature Being's life is an opportunity to BUILD it. Our activity, our choices, our wishes, our tensions, our passions lead us to act. In this action we elaborate our strategies, exert our will and try to satisfy what pushes inside us to express itself. The strategies we adopt, the will we exert in the world in which we live, relating to what pushes inside us, are continuous compressions of the Vital Force we mould so that it could bear our consciousness after physical body death.

Let's build a luminous body! Consider that the most part of Human Beings lives a life so gray, boring, painful, with problem they can't face, with abuses and submissions, that they will never be able to mould enough their luminous body. They'll stop existing: their Vital Force will scatter and their body will be biologic matter at users disposal. If luminous body is born when physical body dies, it has no longer bounds with the world of reason and shape, but it goes on developing itself by perceiving the world in a different way, showing different wishes and different needs: it will have no longer bounds with the womb which gave birth to it (i.e. the physical life). The description we make of the world is related to our senses and to our structure as Nature Beings who modificate themselves as a species. The world is like that because we are like this. When we perceive the world in a different way, with different senses and needs of perception, though it's the same world, it's not the same!

Only Beings made only by Vital Fource who originated from violent compressions and who build their awareness among Nature Beings are interested in physical body and in the quality of Fource. It's easy for them to make you believe they are departed spirits. This idea is already in your mind, introduced by educational conditioning, so it's not difficult to make you believe; persuading you to accept their presence it's enough for them! Persuading you to accept their wisdom! Persuading you to accept their superiority! WHEN YOU'LL BE PERSUADED, YOU'LL BE SUBMITTED!

When you speak of "nature's beings" are you refering to humans only, or to "nature spirits", and animals too?

When I speak about Nature's Beings, I refer only to Animal Beings (to which Human Being belongs) and Vegetal Beings. These are HERA's children! Beings made only by Vital Force have different path of self-building even if they operate among and interact with Nature's Beings (fundamentally with their Energy, if we consider it as separated from body's materiality). The Earth Being isn't a Nature's Being, because it comes before Nature! So Rivers', Valleys' or Places' Self-Consciousnesses are part of Earth Being's consciousness; they enrich their awareness with the presence of Nature's Beings' Self-Consciousnesses, but they aren't Nature's Beings. I call Nature's Beings only those who build their luminous body through a physical body who acts in changes! Every Nature's Being ( Bacteria Beings, Elephants Beings, Viruses Beings, Worms Beings, Human Beings or Sages Beings, Oaks Beings, Spruces Beings, Algae Beings and so on), through tipycal of its species strategies, tries to build its own luminous body in order to turn physical body's death into the birth of the luminous body. They all try, but not all of them manage; Human Being only, by subjectiving its submission (expecially in revealed religions as christianity, islam, judaism and today even buddhism and other) renounces consciously the transformation of physical body death into the birth of the luminous one. This renounciation is the origin of poverty, pain, desperation which affect Human Beings!

Nature is a Being who put, at its children disposal, life strategies by which enrich itself and build the gods who grows inside them: some Human Beings, who put themselves on their knees in front of a fantasy god, sack Nature!

You refer to the beings who "feed themselves with awareness"--can these be what is usually refered to as "Spirit Guides"?

Yes, they are called "Spirit Guides"! But they don't guide anywhere. There aren't spirit guides, but there are spirits who pretend to be guides. They have a different substance from us, a different movement, and features we don't have; they just have interest we can't conceive. No spirit guide ever revealed the combination of a safe, because it's not able to do so or to conceive the need to do it! It can take a memory from your mind and represent it to you. When it represents a memory to you, you are describing it. The energetic representation we have of a memory which ingraved on our emotions or feelings has nothing to do with the description we have of that memory. In order to communicate, the Being made only by Vital Fource, stimulates our memory, needs and wishes. At the end we are ready to do all, opened and uncovered to an extraneous stimulation; it's like if a master of puppets was pulling our strings. Someone calls this having a guide.

In the same moment you make clearer in your reason your aims and where do you want to arrive by carrying out strategies in order to arrive, those spirit guides, normally, disappear. Keep in mind that the quantity of Vital Force (that we call "anima" meaning "what makes animate something") in the smallest Nature's Being is much bigger than the quantity of Vital Fource of a Being made only by Vital Force. The representation we give of it is a result of our educational conditioning, of our custom to speak even when we think.


I hope I have been clear, though I know it's not easy to digest. I see the problems I have in trying to make my radio listeners understand the importance of this matter, introducing it in relations with Human Beings. The first step to meet the GODS is TURNING YOUR EYES! You have to do it by yourself. You have to find the way to engrave on your feelings and emotivity, there's not a good for all people tecnique. What's the meaning of TURNING YOUR EYES? It means that when you look around you must see the world as a WITCH does. Every time you see a spider, a cockroach, a mouse, a blade of grass, a plant, a tree, a snail, a fly... you must think to them as you think to you! They are many "you" (even when you kill them!)! They have the same tensions, feelings, emotions and aim as you: they're trying to become eternal by turning the death of physical body into the birth of the luminous one! Maybe some of them are "more GODS than you" because their luminous bodies are already formed and they act (they are called magical animals or plants!).


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