Getting out of the world's centre

The elements of the Sorcerer's Crucible: Ninth part

by Claudio Simeoni

(Italian Pagans' Federation)


Federazione Pagana

Programme broadcast on 12th June 1997

During the previous programme we put the ability of listening to the world around us into the Crucible and we said that listening to the surrounding world, when we have already constructed the Sorcerer's stick, leads us to listen to new phenomena and to interact with the subjective necessities of which those phenomena are emanations. In that moment we realize that the world doesn't revolve round the Human Being, but the Human Being is involved into a vortex of tensions, needs, emotions, wishes and determinations in which the Human Being can hardly cope.

Listening to the world around us means starting a path towards the subjectification of the surrounding divine. We become part of that divine even if the paths that the divine travels to reach our attentions are subjective and depend from the individual who perceives the divine.

The Educational Conditioning, imposed by christianity, forced us to believe we are on the world's centre, the centre of the interests of the existing, we believe ourselves to be absolute, created in christian god's likeness. That Conditioning has a definite purpose: to prevent us from catching the movement in the surrounding world which tends towards the foundation of its own becoming. When we catch some aspects of that movement, we tend towards interpreting them according to christian moral interpretation. These aspects can be good or bad, our Educational conditioning doesn't allow us to suspect they're the surrounding things' expressions of necessities. These necessities force us to act in order both to satisfy our needs and to make our perception wider, understanding them for what they are and not for what our Educational Conditioning wants them to be.

In that moment we carry an operation of Witchcraft out: we get out of the world's centre.

Let's make this clearer.

Getting out of the world's centre doesn't mean becoming humble inside the Social System. It doesn't mean escaping from our own responsibilities, it's the direct opposite. It means imposing our thought in respect of every thinking thing; it means imposing our ability in building, in respect of all those who build; it means imposing our justice in respect of all those who construct justice; it means facing the coming on time, helping all those who look at the coming on time.

Getting out of the world's centre means considering the surrounding world not different from us for tensions, wishes and in exerting its own will. It means considering every species and every being equal insofar as they merge their becoming in the eternity of changes. Just because we get out of the world's centre, we can act inside the Social System so that the justice can be relation between Being Powers and not Having Power's right of appropriation. Just because we get out the world's centre, we can act inside the Social System so that the constructor, and not he who takes possession of other hands' work, can be the central image.

Just because we get out the world's centre, we can increase our Personal Power through which we can come back to the Social System because we merged with Freedom! Only if we get out of the world's centre we can subjectify the surrounding tensions along the path towards the eternity of changes.

When we get out the world's centre we can discover Magic beings of every species, or the magic side of every element in the surrounding world: Magic Animals, Magic Plants: Sorcerers and Witches of their own species.

The more the Human Being gets out the world's centre, the more importance it will give to its own path. Getting out of the world's centre doesn't mean becoming humble inside the Social System.

How can we get out of the world's centre? It simply happens!

It occurs when we stir the Crucible, when we practise the suspension of the internal dialogue, the suspension of the judgement and when we have a sceptical attitude.

Now what we read last April from the Celestial Rule by Lao Tse is clearer:

The sky lasts eternal and the earth eternally lasts
of the sky's eternal duration of the earth's permanence
the reason is that they don't live for themselves
that's the reason because they're eternal and lasting
that's the reason because the wise man
places his reason after where he advances
excludes his reason in order to preserve himself
not because he's not looking for his advantage
but because acting so, he can do his own disadvantage

We can also start understanding what we can read in "The exit of the soul towards light" from the Egyptian Book of Death, written about 5000 years ago:

I'm the eastern governor
Lord of the two divine faces.
My splendour enlightens all resurrected Beings
Which, while they go, in Death's realm, through
Successive changes,
Painfully they look for their path
Groping in the region of darkness.

During our preceding programme, one of our radio-listeners, asked us if the Sorcerer's stick has the same meaning of King Arthur's Excalibur. Actually, Arthur is just an instrument of the sword the surrounding world gave him. As long as the sword is one with the world, it's also one with him and he's powerful. When he loses his sword, he loses his memory. The Sorcerer's Stick is the Sorcerer himself, and the Stick and the Crucible can be better identified with the Graal; with the search which builds the searcher.

Christians turned the Graal into their prophet's cup. Actually, the word "Graal" indicates a wide and deep dish filled and put on the table to represent abundance and wealth. Abundance and wealth are the Human Being's luminous body which faces the search and the manipulation of itself through the stirring of its Crucible.

Anyway Merlin's actions are only the novelized tale of Sorcerer's behaviours and strategies, while they were trying to build the future of the Social System in which they live. Sometimes this acting is clear and can be immediately understood, other times entails actions that the common morality calls atrocious because the exit from horror and submission often needs radical choices.

Only those who live the coming on future change the morality with which we can consider and act in the present time. Those who have their eyes tied to the past can only destroy future in order to protect the destructive relations through which an affected by death present tries to last in time.

In the next programme, we'll talk about the ambush.



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