Living for challenge, will, determinations;
meaning of Living for Challenge

The elements of the Sorcerer's Crucible: Eleventh part

by Claudio Simeoni

(Italian Pagans' Federation)


Federazione Pagana

Programme broadcast on 26th June 1997

Today we'll put into the Crucible: will and determinations. From the point of view of the changes made by the Apprentice Sorcerer stirring the Crucible it means: living for challenge!

We said many times that in Polytheistic Paganism life is an act of building the luminous body. Stirring in its Crucible, the Apprentice Sorcerer goes beyond this. Through the Sorcerer's stick made by the suspension of the internal dialogue, the suspension of the judgement and the sceptical attitude, stirring the contents of the Crucible, the Apprentice Sorcerer identifies and handles his determinations.

What are determinations?

Determinations are the obligatory relations between the Being and its surrounding world, which handled and formed the Being and without which the Being can't continue existing and becoming. The individual's determinations are mixed by the Apprentice Sorcerer and one by one are subjectively determined. In other words, every our action tends towards producing the maximum profit in order to develop the Being Power. About this we can say that we don't take a walk in the woods only in order to do something pleasant but the walk becomes a real interaction between the woods and us: we subjectivize the breath of the woods (we should remember once again that we suspended the internal dialogue and we also learnt to use the attention in a different way from the way we usually do; without these elements the walk in the woods is just a walk in the woods. In the same way a working task is done not just to do it, but becomes an interaction between our doing and the surrounding world, in which we determine the intensity of the action and the relation. Of course, this modifies ourselves.

We determine our relations with the world. This favours the development of our will with which we impose on ourselves the direction of our actions.

This doing, extended to every aspect of our life, to every year of our life, to every day of our life, to every hour and moment is: living for challenge!

Merging into the Crucible will and determinations with the other elements we put time after time defines, little by little, the Apprentice Sorcerer's path.

Living for challenge may seem hard, but it's just because, since we were children, someone tried to tear away from us the control of our determinations.

Someone tried to illude the child with the promise that somebody else would mind him, in order to solve his problems or satisfy his needs. Somebody who knows. Somebody almighty and omniscient!

The child comes into the world as total will with which faces the world. This will is not fed and nourished, but it's taken away from him by people who are interested in him to grow dependent, fearful, humble and submitted.

The Apprentice Sorcerer must take again the will with which he's born: through this doing he's nourishing his Freedom!

Next programme we'll put into the Crucible: meditation and contemplation.



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