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Answer to a letter by a Witch who practices magic in dreaming: Dreaming notes.

What your adopted family taught you is a very important practice in every path of Witchcraft. I don't attach too much importance to genetic-cultural traditions, but I attach importance to the Human Being as it is. There can be specific fondnesses given by the culture you belong, but they are insignificant differences.

The practice to tell your own dreams allowed you to emphasize the attention on what happens in your dreaming. To tell is to live again the emotions of what you dreamt.

So, you exorcize the fear of growth and also you create a ground on which you can build every path of Witchcraft, no matter from where we get the elements to build that path. I learnt to dream when I was twentyeight, and now I'm forty-eight and I can see the big difference that there is between my practice of dreaming and my daughter's, who started really soon.

By what you told me you have not only gone beyond the phase of planning your path of Witchcraft, but you have also developed your luminous body with a very good degree of independence from your reason and your physical body.

You said you have telepathic dreams in which you receive messages but you don't send them, that is only partially true. The existing relation between your physical body and your luminous body allows you to interpret what your luminous body receives from the surrounding world, but your luminous body sends messages to the surrounding world out of the control of your reason. That's the reason why you think you don't send messages. As a matter of fact, you send them, just you don't elaborate them with your reason. We don't remember many of our dreams because they take place on a plain of perception which cannot be described and understood by our reason. When our luminous body grows inside the physical body, it acquires indipendence, so reason isn't able to intervene. A Human Being's life is its opportunity to build its own luminous body and turn the death of the physical body into the birth of the luminous body. If the Human Being doesn't seize this opportunity, expecially if he or she submits to a truth, accepting and interiorizing it, the death of the physical body coincides with the death of the luminous body: the end of the path! The luminous body grows inside the physical body as a foetus grows inside its mother, and prepares itself to assume the Awareness of the individual when the physical body dies. The path to Witchcraft emphasize this growth and Witches and Sorcerers have to invent techniques (like the practice of dreaming, calling things with their real name, asking themselves why things are so, living as a challenge, training the attention, living passion with the surrounding world, practicing life with will, passion and wish, etc...) so that the growth is emphasized, but it can express itself without damaging everyday life, better if it makes life less hard.

Dreaming awakes the luminous body, that learns to move into the worlds of perception, but to transfer the power of its growth into the world of reason it's necessary to live with passion, live as a challenge, live to reach some goals. Luminous body expresses itself through action, intuition, deja-vu, while you are pursuing your aims. It's a powerful ally, exactly as you performed in your dream! Then it turns into yourself! Goal after goal, passion after passion, intention after intention!

When your luminous body receives messages, your reason interpret them. So, you are aware of having received (Though sometimes the interpretation that reason gives is poor and charged with those cultural conditions which every person undergoes.). When your luminous body sends messages, those messages doesn't satisfy your everyday needs, but they satisfy the needs of growth of the luminous body. So your reason has the feeling of having not sent messages.

The dream you told me is characteristic of your path to Witchcraft. This episode has three reading keys, and it's built up so that it is a situation of challenge to your luminous body. First, your ability to dream; Second, your ability to expand youself in the surrounding; third, the growth of your luminous body. Imagines and clearness of the episode are the ability to dream, your ability to expand yourself in the world in which you live is put on by quality (emotional and sensorial involvement in dreaming) of the dreamt episode; Tensions and necessities of magical acting you carried out are the expression of your luminous body. The most important thing of all your dream are the feeling that you remember of your action in your dream. Sensations, feelings, efforts, determination and anxiety with which you acted are the most important things because they are the wealth you acquired not only as regards the luminous body, but also as regards the physical body in expressing the everyday life: it's an expression of your Being Power. The description of the accident in which you operated is built through a psychistical faculty which doesn't belong to the luminous body, but comes before it. It's the ability to expand ourself and live the tensions of the surrounding world. This often happens during dreams, and it can express itself in space and in time. I mean you can be witness or even participate in happenings far away from us or past happenings or happenings that could take place in the future. The practice to tell your dream must remember you many situation in which you would have act or intervene. When in dreams they live past moments, many people think about reincarnation. As a matter of fact you perceived a spatial happening which attracted your attention, built on this a dream and operated inside this fact with your determination. You did a great magic operation, but, most of all, your luminous body proved to reason, through this action, that it's growing.

Time in dreams is different from time of your reason as it's different from time of your luminous body. They interact, but they have different spaces and times. When you act during the dreaming, our action produces its effects in everyday life only after a long time; sometimes we remember our action in dreaming only after a magic has produced its effect in everyday life.

It's a good thing you taught your daughter the same thing; whatever happens, she has a great basement on which she can build her future.

VENEZIA 24.06.2000


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