General speech about presentation of Witchcraft and Polytheistic Paganism

by Claudio Simeoni


Presented in a debate in Radio Gamma 5 on April 29th 1998

The starting point, for conscious beings, is the moment in which Consciousness doesn't exist in the universe.

It's the moment in which Vital Force fluctuates.

Vital Force has only the movement in itself.

It lacks WILL



This is the moment from which we can begin considering every path of Magic, Witchcraft, or every path that constructs Polytheistic Paganism.

The seer recognize the fluctuating unconscious Vital Force from its colour and from sensations this Vital Force gives him. The presence of Consciousness produces different light, fire, colours and sensations.

Consciousness is a concentration of Vital Force, too, but Consciousness doesn't have only the possibility of moving itself: it has also:

WILL of expanding itself, and of choosing the direction to which it moves;

DETERMINATIONS: Consciousness has determinations when it has relations with the unconscious Vital Force, which is absorbed by Consciousness to support its own expansion;

AWARENESS: Consciousness has awareness when it expresses its Aim responding to its subjective necessities of expanding itself and of making its growing conditions better.

These concentrations of Vital Force recognize themselves as different from the Vital Force that surrounds them and the differences in light and vibrations allow the seer to discern moving Vital Force from concentrations of Vital Force. These concentrations of Vital Force, since they recognize themselves as different from the objectiveness that surrounds them and in which they move, are:


A Self-Consciousness is that concentration of Vital Force (however it formed) which recognizes itself as different from the objectiveness.

The seer has also another possibility, besides going back again along the series of changes: he can follow the finality of changes.

The seer, since the very moment in which he goes back along the series of changes until the beginning of time, has the possibility of defining the aim that the inner movement of Vital Force pursues: this aim is to become a Consciousness.

We can deduce Consciousnesses' finality (that is growing and spreading in surrounding world) through the observation of tensions and necessities that Self-Consciousnesses have.

When the individual growth stops, Self-Consciousnesses tend to merge themselves, in order to continue their growth.

This process of growth by storing up and merging takes aim at turning all Vital Force into Self-Consciousness, until the point in which it forms that Self-Consciousness called UNIVERSE!

There are no traces of a creating, ordering or determining Consciousness, but there is a necessary movement that the whole cosmos has!

The seer, while he sees this, recognizes himself as a Self-Consciousness that is different from the surrounding world.

He recognizes he has WILL, DETERMINATION, AWARENESS like any other Self-Consciousness, whether it's as huge as a Galaxy or as tiny as a Virus.

He recognizes himself as a god who tend to expand, grow, and build himself while building his own determinations, will and awareness; he acts exactly like any other Self-Consciousness around him.

He recognizes himself as a god surrounded by gods with whom he can build his own relations and consciousness through the changes.

In Witchcraft we can use the word "Self-Consciousness" with another meaning. This word can also mean the Human Being who is conscious of the necessity of finding the means by which he/she can attain the finality of his existence.

The aim of a Self-Consciousness is to grow, to expand itself by exerting its will and determinations. The knowledge of that aim induces every Self-Consciousness to look for the best means (with regard to the species it belongs to and to the transformations it has undergone since it formed) to attain that aim.


The attainment of that aim allows a birth, a transformation, an expansion.

Witchcraft singles out in the life of Human Beings some stages of physical transformation through which Human Beings can build their luminous bodies, made by Vital Force only. Those stages are: fetal age from which the boy or girl originates; adult Human Being is generated by the boy or girl; adult Human Being brings forth his luminous body. Each of these stages presents the possibility of failure: the becoming is aborted in the following stage.

The present world has an ineluctable aim: that is the construction of a UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS whose quality is due to every choice made by every Consciousness while it builds itself.

The inner movement of Vital Force induces Vital Force itself to become a Self-Consciousness through innumerable ways and occasions.

STARS and PLANETS, BEINGS MADE ONLY OF VITAL FORCE, ARE SELF-CONSCIOUSNESSES who began their expansion separately and then joined, and are also called BEINGS OF NATURE!

The Being called Nature (that is a being that generates Self-Consciousnesses) developed techniques to turn unconscious Vital Force into Self-Consciousness, and made these techniques better during the course of time.

Human Being is just one of many species of Self-Consciousnesses who formed and developed inside the Being called Nature. So the Human Being has developed its own peculiarities, determinations and life's challenges through which it can build the knowledge of its aims and the consciousness of finding the means by which it can attain those aims.

The Self-Consciousness of Beings of Nature has originated with the first physical cell that developed will and determination to expand itself. Self-Consciousness' process of growth lasts all its life.

When they have a physical form, Beings of Nature compress, enrich and make compact their Vital Force using their peculiarities in order to make it a steady structure within the moment in which their physical body will die.

It's possible to discern Vital Force that forms a Self-Consciousness from unconscious Vital Force because of its vibrations or modulation, because of its luminous intensity and its subjective choice of movement. The structure that has vibrations, the structure that gives us sensation of light or fire, the thing we see moving because of a subjective choice, has the same substance than Vital Force that fluctuates unconsciously in the space or that we call matter when heavier.

Nature's Beings' physical lives (including Human Beings physical lives) are a process of construction of their own luminous body by exertion of their will and determinations and by the development of their awareness.

Synthetically: the aim of every Human Being's existence is the expansion of its own Being Power!


Through the course of transformations, mankind developed REASON!

Reason was an instrument that mankind gave itself (or maybe an instrument that mankind was given) to put in order the world that surrounds Human Beings, to describe it and to give it a logical meaning; but it ended by reducing Human Beings' development, subjecting it to this description of the world.

The rule of Reason ended by stopping Human Beings' development, preventing them from organizing themselves in order to face the unknown that surrounds them and to interact with it. Human Beings ended by hiding themselves behind the description of the world given them by Reason and denying with fear all things and events that cannot be included in Reason's description of the world.

Since Reason's description of the world can't give a logical and satisfactory explanation of those events that it doesn't understand, it ended by creating ghosts behind which it can hide itself.

Reason has raised a barrier between the God-Being who presses to grow inside Human Being and all other God-Beings who grow in the surrounding world.

Reason ended by separating Human Being from the Being called Nature in which Human Being itself had grown and developed.

At the end the horror arrived in form of revealed religions, in our case (here in Italy and in many other countries, but it's just an example) in form of Catholicism, which annihilates the God-Being who should grow inside every Human Being by a cruel and methodical subjection.


The horror made by monotheistic religions consists in feeding on destruction of Human Beings' Consciousness turning them into a flock of submissive and obedient sheep which are sent to the life's slaughter-house to the greater glory of the slaughterer of Sodom and Gomorrah and of the lunatic from Nazareth.

In these conditions Human Beings' awareness of their aims makes them conscious that the development of their Being Power takes place only if there is FREEDOM!

Freedom means Freedom to act in order to build our own Being Power!

Freedom's power and awareness pass through every Consciousness urging it to remove the obstacles to the development of its Being Power.

Human Beings need to evade the kneeling position in which they are violently forced by the worshippers of the slaughterer of Sodom and Gomorrah from the day of the baptism, when they weren't able to defend themselves, choose or discern.

Evading the kneeling position doesn't mean changing religion, but it means removing the Educational Conditioning to submission, which was imposed on Human Beings from the day they were born until they become conscious of the necessity of removing the Educational Conditioning.

This removing can be done in two ways (but as a matter of fact these two ways don't exist; they are different aspects of the same way):

1) Carrying out some strategies, which are however acts of Witchcraft, through which we can evade the subjection that revealed religions want to impose on us. In our transmissions by Radio Gamma 5 (94 FM) we explained the meaning of the SORCERER'S CRUCIBLE;

2) Using determinations and will in order to call for help God-Consciousnesses and godlike tensions from the surrounding world so that they feed our acting;

It's true that our Reason has broken the ties with surrounding Self-Consciousnesses but only as regards the Super Ego. As a matter of fact each Human Being has its own predilections, things that it likes, desires, things that give it pleasure. Although the Reason tries to describe all this, giving it a rational explanation, these perceptions are the last ties with the divine that surrounds the Human Being.

One of the last ties to die is EROS: sexual pleasure and desire!

Some strategies can be carried out to develop the Being Power through the satisfaction of necessities and to help Human Being to evade the kneeling position. These strategies, which entail making self compact, articulating of Attention, using the Aim, Suspension of Judgement and of Inner Dialogue etc..., lead to the progressive transformation of the individual and of its way to have relations with the world. The individual learns to take in its own hands its becoming rescuing it from the command and subjugation to the master-god.

In Witchcraft "believing" is not a matter of faith but a matter of self-discipline!

We can call forth surrounding Self-Consciousnesses by our predilections, our choices, and our acting. We can draw from the strength of the Wood, in form of Silvanus, Faun or Pan; we can draw from the city in form of Quirinus; we can draw from the sea in form of Neptune; we can draw from atmosphere in form of Jove or we can draw from conscious tensions as Furies, Nerius, Venus or Ceres. We can do it recognizing that the surrounding world isn't a passive form but it is made by a lot of Consciousnesses that merge their becoming into the eternity of changes. We can build a relation just thinking that the world is a Consciousness as well as ourselves!

Our acting call forth the surrounding divine and when this calling is a determination in order to build freedom of act, the divine becomes participating because our acting is important for the divine itself to develop its own changes.

The maximum calling forth is the "devotio" and the acting that the devotio entails!

The individual changes itself on the ground of its aim!

We can measure the expansion of Witchcraft and Polytheistical Paganism looking at daily life. We cannot divide Paganism or the practice of Witchcraft from daily life.

The building of the individual takes place in every moment of its existence.

Every moment can lead it to its building or lead it to its destruction.

A moment of life leads to building of Human Being when it feeds the god that grows inside Human Being: this is the development of Being Power!

A moment of life leads to destruction when Human Being takes possession of Beings of its own species, and through these Beings it wants to satisfy its necessities: this Human Being is submitted to Having Power!


In Polytheistic Paganism and Witchcraft's conception, life is an opportunity of building a Self-Consciousness that can participate in building the Consciousness called UNIVERSE through the series of changes!

On the contrary, life can be an abortion, a failure, when Human Being (in our case) submits to the ghosts of the presumptive which allow the Reason to preserve, thanks to its description of the world, the control of Human Being who believes that anyway its future is guaranteed by a god, a Buddha, a master, a paradise, a reincarnation etc. and renounces to exert its Will, Determinations and Awareness.


The greatest black magic is the destruction of Human Beings through their subjugation!

Black magic is the art of Catholic, Protestant, Muslim and Hebrew priests and their imitators, who all bring Human Beings on their knees, destroying their becoming in the eternity of changes.

Today the building of Being Power entails necessarily the definitive removal of black magic.

There cannot be building of Being Power without the removal of coercion.

We wish the surrounding divine merged with our divine; we wish the will of surrounding world merged with our will; we wish the Freedom of surrounding world merged with our Freedom in order to build a path to the ETERNITY!

This text was written and presented in a debate in Radio Gamma 5 on April 29th 1998!

Translated 1999



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