Hymn to the Fire

by Federazione Pagana

(Italian Pagans' Federation)


Federazione Pagana

I evoke you
sacred Powers!
You born of Gaia,
you who are the foundations of the existing;
of my existence!

You who recognized yourselves
in the boundless Chaos;
who filled the silent Erebo with voices;
who rose up from the abyss
ofthe deep Starry Uranus as
from the Earth Being's heart: the immense fire-hearted Rhea!

You who are in the corners of the sky
as in my passions' mazes.
You who live in the dull clouds
as in my thoughts' furious fogs.
You who observe what in my reason is invisible
while my reason describes you through its fire.
Keep my secrets,
You who are my secrets.

In the underground, my heart
has the same beat as Rhea's heart.

I invoke you, the Titans!
You who rouse earthquakes,
who found the present in every present,
who serve the abyss!

I invoke you Titans
who rouse earthquakes in life's tensions,
who manifested me by founding my present,
who express the abyss from which my passions emerge.

Titans who freeze;
my passions won 't be hampered by cold!

What makes the world's axis rotate
is what acts inside my breast.

May the Earth Being express the tension of cold;
May the Earth Being express the tension of fire.
Cold and fire as a divine thunderbolt
will be expressed in my actions by my heart.

Like the masters of Fate,
living in the dark Erebo,
I will forge my destiny.
I will give body and will
to Necessity who expresses itself through me.

Throwing out flames of fire
or rousing cold storms
Ares will rise from my bosom.

May Rhea quake,
may Poseidon stand above me;
the unknown won 't stop the courage of life.
Ilizia always produces new triumphers,
to whom Hera offers Hebe

Heart can be sad when,
walking through the storms of life,
it seems like we are on voracious cliffs' edge,
besieged by hostile
iron-hearted "demons".

May this sacred fire we lit
call Gods and Spirits,
because we want to determine our Fate
through our fire.

As the wood feeds this sacred fire,
so our predilections
will feed the fire of Eros inside us
which is, since Chronos
used the Serrated Sickle,
a fire of eternity blazing
inside every Being to whom Gaia gave a shape.

Because of this:
Against every dominion we'lI have eyes of fire;
We'lIlook at the world with life' eyes of fire;
We'lIlisten with eyes of fire;
We'lI plough the skies with Aim of fire;
We'lI shake the sky invoking the Gods with passions of fire;
And it's with fire that we build the constrictions
so that the Gods may be companions in our projects.

With fire we bind the Gods to us;
With fire we make the Titans open the doors
leading to the roads of wide Tartaro
enlighted by Aurora and showed by Helios.


Written for the Summer Solstice Rite 2003 in Jesolo!

Claudio Simeoni


Write only in Italian, please!

Claudio Simeoni


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