The initiation by the Gods

by Claudio Simeoni

(Italian Pagans' Federation)


Federazione Pagana

Why was Demeter going round and round the world? Because she was looking for Persephone, who was kidnapped by Ade, someone could say. He who says so doesn't know that Persephone is nothing but the growing Demeter who builds her Self-Consciousness in dark worlds, where Elios can't see. So Demeter goes round the world, looking for every species' Gods who are able to help her in supporting every Being's growth so that it could turn itself into a GOD.

There isn't any initiation which isn't given by Demeter. If someone doesn't like terms and definitions from Greek mythology, he or she can choose the term that, in every ancient "Pagan" tradition, has the meaning of growth as divine determination.

There are many kinds of Initiation. There's the subjective initiation, when you decide to start walking a path. There's the social initiation. There's the cultural initiation. There's the initiation that is given to us by an individual of our species. At last, there's the initiation by Gods.

It's about this initiation I want to speak. An initiation that you can remember only when the path you walk doesn't allow any return. You remember that initiation in such a way that you can't interpret it but as your initiation. You remember it both as you were a protagonist and a bystander, because you have lived it without remember it and because you live it again in a symbolic way.

In this case there isn't a Human Sorcerer who initiates a Human Being, but there's someone who turned Gods' necessities into his/her own necessities, who subjectivized the objectivity and who has been initiated by Gods themselves.

And who is the God who can initiate but Demeter?

Who is the God who can initiate but the growth as a divine being which, by entering Human Being's heart, leads it to change in the eternity of changes?

Growing, always growing!

Demeter went to a Human Being trailing a cart behind her. She presented herself to the Human Being asking him(her) for help and said "Help me; I am she who helped the Great Lord in raising the sky's pillar!" The Human Being answered: "I am he who pulled the Great Lord down!" this meant "If you came to submit or to convince someone to help a great lord, you're speaking to an enemy of the Great Lord"

Demeter wanted to know the quality of the answer. (Why does he say so? How does he express his power? What's the meaning of "I pulled the Great Lord down?). Smartly she said "You're very powerful!"

There are two ways by which you can pull the great lord down: you can take his place to submit Human Beings or you can pull down the dependence on him in order to reaffirm yourself! Demeter wanted to know this.

The answer was: "I belong to my species!" The meaning was clear to Demeter: "no great lords can consider themselves owners of the species to which I belong"

It happened so when the starry Uranus was pulled down by Cronus. It happened so when Cronus was pulled down by Zeus. It will happen so when Typhon bursting out the earth will cancel Zeus', Rhea's, Hera's, Poseidon's and Ade's Consciousness.

And then Demeter poured nectar and ambrosia in that Human Being, giving him her necessities and saying "Help me"

The Human Being said: "Why should I help you? No monsters came from sidereal space!"

So Demeter gave the Awareness by showing what the cart she was trailing contained. On the cart there were Hera, a golden sphere, the Consciousness of the Nature Being. Melting the power of the sphere with their own power, the great lord Zeus and Demeter originated the existing.

In that moment a huge black cloud appeared in the sky. A huge cloud that was trying to expand itself everywhere. Only Pan, with his powerful arms, was holding it.

"Help me!" Demeter was asking while she was trailing Hera's cart, so that the life could germinate and grow without the black cloud poisoning it and destroying its rush into the infinite.



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L'iniziazione di Demetra!


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