The Sorcerer’s Crucible: introduction

by Claudio Simeoni

(Italian Pagans' Federation)


Federazione Pagana

The Sorcerer’s crucible is the first part of a path which defines Human Beings’ WHAT-IS-TO-BE-DONE inside Witchcraft and Polytheistic Paganism.

The BOOK OF THE ANTICHRIST organizes and defines the general principles of Witchcraft and lays the bases for the definition of Polytheistic Paganism; JESUS FROM NAZARETH: HUMAN SHAME describes the root of evil and individuates it in the original source of christianity and catholicism; the GOLDEN PATH defines the quality of Polytheistic Paganism’s images and how those should be interpreted; THE THEORY OF THE OPEN PHILOSOPHY stresses, through the description and confutation of the principles of western philosophy, the need of the thinker’s personal change in order to change the thought; WHAT BRINGS TO BECOME ETERNAL ACCORDING TO ANCIENT ROMAN RELIGION defines some of ancient Romans’ paths of Witchcraft and Polytheistic Paganism: the identified mechanism can be extended to all Polytheistic Paganisms; THE NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES INTERPRETED BY WITCHCRAFT AND POLYTHEISTIC PAGANISM describes the NDE stressing how they’re bound to the single Human Being, if he/she built his/her life or if he/she has destroyed the vital fource by submission. (translator’s note: all those books are available only in Italian)

Then we have to define the WHAT’S-TO-BE-DONE in everyday life. When does a gesture become magical? We have to define the process of the building of an individual.

Since Human Being’s life is building of its own (from now on we’ll use the neuter pronoun to indicate both males and females) luminous body which allows it to become in the eternity of changes, we need to determine what allows that building.

The articulation and the practical application of Witchcraft and Polytheistic Paganism belong only to the individual: if we define a truth or elements to be reached, Witchcraft and Polytheistic Paganism will lose their property.

We need to define the path, not the goal.

The path can be only outlined; it is for every Apprentice Sorcerer or Polytheist Pagan to adapt the path to his/her predilections according to the objectivity in which we live. The goal is the level of freedom reached by the individual: this belongs to him/her!

The Sorcerer’s Crucible is presented here like in the programme broadcast by Radio Gamma 5 in Cadoneghe (PD) on 94 FM.

This is the first part of the Sorcerer’s Crucible. It defines only generically the principles of the Crucible. These principles, if manipulated by Human Beings in a subjective way, allow people to escape from the submission to which the catholic horror forced the individuals.

Getting out the submission is the first moment in which the individual can look at the world and say: “I EXIST!” “I AM THE MASTER OF MY BECOMING AND OF MY CHANGES!”. Without this, no paths of Witchcraft are possible and the building of Polytheistic Paganism as a religion will be denied. Without this, Polytheistic Paganism will bring people to their knees, destroying them, like revealed religions do.

The indefiniteness of the elements description allows every person to manipulate them according to his/her thought and interpretation. The effort of the interpretation in order to apply those elements is an act of Witchcraft itself.

There are two other Crucibles (second and third part): the Evil’s Crucible and THE SORCERER’S CRUCIBLE IN THE WORLD’S FOUR SONGS.

The former describes the catholic black magic which destroy the Human Being. It’s more accurate in the description and make the reader understand how some of the most common gestures are actually atrocious actions, real acts of war whose aim is the destruction of Human Beings’ becoming, bringing them to their knees before the slaughterer of Sodom and Gomorrah.

The latter stresses how the Human Being who escaped from catholic horror discovers that the world is just like itself. The world has tensions, exerts its will, practices its own determinations, exactly like the Human Being does. The Human Being understands it’s a god who is growing, surrounded by other growing gods: with these gods it can enter into relations. Since those relations take place in different plans of perception, the relation between growing in the eternity of changes gods builds the World’s Four Songs.

The SORCERER’S CRUCIBLE is the first part of Witchcraft and Polytheistic Paganism’s WHAT-IS-TO-BE-DONE.



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