Why do you call yourself
Keeper of the Antichrist

by Claudio Simeoni


Keeper of the Antichrist

A lot of people put me the same question: "Why do you call yourself "Keeper of the Antichrist?" I'm going to answer trying to be brief and synthetic.

The first divine Being I met and who came with me along the path of Knowledge and Awareness was the Antichrist. What's the Antichrist? The Antichrist is the breath of freedom that the GODS send from surrounding world to Human Being, so that the Human Being can rescue itself from the kneeling position, in which the worshippers of the slaughterer of Sodom and Gomorrah had forced it.

In the various forms of ancient Paganism, the concept of EVIL didn't exist. There were only conditions of life that required care and participation; sometimes these conditions were favorable, sometimes they were not, but life always won. Human Beings could walk side by side with the GODS, and they could become GODS themselves.

The arrive of four military operations upset the paths of FREEDOM. Those four military operations were those that are described by Christians' official evangelists, who, referring themselves to a never existed person, who was, as they say, the son of the god who is the owner (I call it "the god-owner") and creator of the universe, and as a god-owner himself, put the basements for the destruction of the Human Being.

Before the arrival of christianity, the various religions often didn't have a name. They weren't religions, but ways of living and building a relation with the forces of the surrounding world. This was enough to turn the death of physical body into the birth of the luminous body. We use the word "Pagans" not because it was the name of ancient religions, but because this was the depreciative word with which christians meant the inhabitants of villages who didn't submit yet and who wanted to live in relation with the surrounding world.

Christianity had to take possession of people and to subjugate them, in order to prevent Human Beings from expanding the God who grows inside them and to turn them into livestock of a herd. The lunatic from Nazareth says, in John's gospel: "My father gave me the sheep and nobody can take them away from me!". Human Beings aren't Human Beings any more, but they are livestock that belongs to an owner.

When Charlemagne in 782 decapitated 4500 Pagan Saxons, who didn't want to convert themselves to christianity, he didn't act like this because he was an evil person or because he wanted to do the Pope of Rome a favour; he acted like this by order of the lunatic of Nazareth, who says, in Luke's gospel: "So, take there my enemies, who didn't want me to rule over them, and slaughter them in my presence!"

When the catholic priest rapes children, he acts like this, not only because he's a perverted person, but also because he imitates Christ, as in Mark's gospel, about the child who runs away naked when Jesus is arrested.

When christians build up stakes, they don't do so just because they are wicked, but they do so by order of their god, the slaughterer of Sodom and Gomorrah, who orders, in the Exodus: "you won't let Witches to live!"

When christian churches destroy African or American cultures, they are imitating christ, who kills a fig tree, when it doesn't give Jesus the figs he wants. The destruction of the fig tree introduces the christian practice of sacking that sets itself against the pagan practice of venerating and of charming.

This is a synthesis, but I wrote a book of 1.500.000 types, in order to be clearer.

Why do christian evangelists act like this?

Because they want to prevent Human Beings from turning the death of physical body into the birth of the luminous body. They have to prevent Human Beings from building the God who grows inside them. Only if evangelists act like this, they can take possession of Human Beings.

In official gospels, all episodes of expulsion of the demon from someone's body are informations on how the God that grows inside Human Beings can be destroyed: in facts, "daimon - daimwn" in ancient Greek means the act of a person of becoming a God, it means the person as a God. that God, who grows inside the Human Being, incites the person to look for freedom, taking itself away from submission.

To subjugate the Human Being means to destroy the world, to sack it, to prevent it from expansion. This is the reason why the world calls the Human Being, so that he or she could get back his/her place between the Gods and Goddesses and stop sacking the surrounding world, by taking him/herself away from the submission that revealed religions (christianity, but also islamism, judaism...) have imposed on him/her.

So, who is the Keeper of the Antichrist?

The Keeper of the Antichrist is He or She, who merges his/her Aim with the Aim of the surrounding world. Is He or She, who takes the breath of Freedom from the surrounding world, makes it his/her own breath of Freedom and moves it between the Beings of his/her own species, so that they can take themselves away from submission and take the choices of their lives in their own hands. So that they can nourish the GOD that grows inside them!

So that they can walk along a path of FREEDOM, not a path of THRUTH, as in revealed religions.

The word "dogma" means an absolute principle, an unquestionable thruth!

In Paganism there are Dogmas of FREEDOM, but there aren't dogmas of THRUTH.

Dogmas of thruth are put in front of Human Being. It is said to Human Being "You can not perceive a different reality from this because this is the only reality!" So there isn't something unknown that surrounds you, but only a god-owner that reveals you things to which you have to submit. Dogmas of thruth prevent Human Being from expanding itself, from growing, and they keep it nailed to the herd while it goes to the slaughter-house of the life. When Human Being is nailed to the herd, it can't build its strenght in order to turn the death of physical bodi into the birth of luminous body. Dogmas of thruth prevent the improving of living conditions of Human Beings, but they are ready to accept every worsening, because through this way they increase the submission of Human Beings.

Dogmas of FREEDOM are put behind Human Being. In my path of Witchcraft, I free, step by step, my perception and I enter different worlds from the daily world. The discipline I got from acting like this is my freedom: I mustn't give it up. I mustn't go back again. It's the same about social freedoms: we can increase them, but we can't go back again. It's the same about emotional freedoms, about freedoms that are pertinent to human and sexual needs: we can increase the freedom but we mustn't go back again.

Dogmas of FREEDOM are unkonwn concepts in philosophy. The present is taken for granted. There is the inclination to ignore the efforts that Human Beings have done to take themselves away from christian horror.

The Keeper of the Antichrist is not only an Apprentice Sorcerer who walks along a path in the infinite, but is also he or she who stands on this path to improve it. He or she removes some obstacles, rounds off some corners, covers some holes. So that those who will come after him or her, will find a better path. They will be helped in walking along it.

I imagine that there would be a different feeling, where protestantism has introduced some variables, but here in Italy we are living strong pressures by catholic threatening organizations that want to prevent us from practicing Paganism.



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