Listening to the world around us

The elements of the Sorcerer's Crucible: Eighth part

by Claudio Simeoni

(Italian Pagans' Federation)


Federazione Pagana

Programme broadcast on 5th June 1997

In this programme we continue in showing you the Crucible's elements we're mixing and through which we're modifying ourselves. Stirring in the Crucible means change ourselves and determine the direction of our change.

Today we'll put into the Crucible: the ability of listening to the world around us.

In preceding programmes, we told how we constructed the Sorcerer's stick with the suspension of the internal dialogue, the suspension of judgement and the sceptical attitude. With that stick we started facing the world. From the world arrived some phenomena which come to us from the surrounding Self-Consciousnesses.

Before we constructed that Stick, we didn't perceive those phenomena. A tree was only a tree, and “served” to produce fruits or wood. An animal was useful because we could eat it. The Moon “served” to illuminate the night. The stars were useful in order to charm the boy or the girl we liked. Before we constructed our stick, all was useful or served to do something. Nothing was aware, nothing communicated, but everything was useful to man.

Since we constructed the Sorcerer's Stick and stopped the Fury of the flux of words, we learnt, little by little, to listen to different languages, different feelings, different necessities.

Since we constructed the Sorcerer's stick, the surrounding world manage to communicate with the Human Being. Even if reason twists messages in order to make them fit for its description of world, these messages arrive to the Human Being.

Before this, we perceived the surrounding world but we reduced it to a human dimension. For example, we said that a dog expressed feelings through his eyes or we felt transport for the way in which an Animal Being took care of its cubs. This was perceiving the surrounding world, even if the reason's opposition was so strong that we couldn't perceive the phenomenon for what it was, but only as a dimension of the reason's thought.

Now we can perceive phenomena for what they are or, that is better said, we can start perceiving phenomena for what they are, even if the path to reach their noumena is very long. When we start, we perceive better the phenomena bound to the reason's interests. People who love the mountains will find easier perceiving the woods' or the peaks' songs, while people who love the sea will find easier listening to the sea or to the stream of a river.

Listening to the phenomena coming from the surrounding world through the suspension of the internal dialogue allows us not only to come to harmony with them, but also to force reason to accept those phenomena, making the perception easier.

The surrounding world speaks to us, telling us its needs, necessities, its breath of Freedom with a structural way we didn't know. The surrounding world's point of view is not human, but it's typical of the species it belongs and of the changes it met in its path towards eternity.

The surrounding world speaks to us with the necessities and needs of the Nature Being, of which we're part.

The Nature Being needs the Human Being to walk along his/her path of Freedom, so that the path becomes part of the Nature Being and the Nature being becomes bigger. Without the Human Being's path of Freedom, the Nature Being remains mutilated. Every kind of Freedom feeds Freedom. The Freedom in perceiving feeds social Freedom, breath Freedom feeds the Freedom in perceiving, the Freedom of subjective choice of the cruces through which walk along the path towards eternity increases the possibilities of reach eternity: both for the Human Being and the Nature Being.

There are no books which describe what will arrive you from the surrounding world, and no book will ever be able to describe Human Beings' subjective perception. The books you'll read will help you to be quick in perceiving, but they will never teach you how to perceive or the quality of perception.

The surrounding world transmits its phenomena, but the surrounding world isn't all delight (as reason describes the idyllic), not everything in the surrounding world is passion in itself. There is a surrounding formed by Black Spirits who transmit feelings of submission. They speak in a poetic way and they enter into relations through the word “love”. They penetrate in the need, which Human Beings sometimes express, of making contradictions silent.

How those phenomena must be faced? They must be faced with another elements we mix into the Crucible: the aim.

Even in perception of external phenomena, we exert the aim; we distinguish the phenomena which come to us. We can escape from them or expose ourselves to them. In front of those phenomena we must always claim our Being Power. We absolutely don't have to merge with them abandoning ourselves to them!

Exerting the aim protects us against the submission proposed through the exercise of controlled madness by some Beings made only by Vital Force, the Black Lemures, who would like to stop our attention and bring us down to our knees. It happens to many Human Beings. The invitation to submission occurs in near death experiences, in dreaming, in states of altered perception. The god-owner or his emissary often come and say to the Human Being he's their prophet, or their chosen one. In that moment there are only two possibilities: to kick them or to bury them with a laugh (that's the same thing as kicking them).

This kind of messages from the god-owner occurs very often ( Jerusalem's madhouse is full of insane people who say the god-owner or Jesus or the messiah sent them) even if they occur almost exclusively to people who has states of altered perception reached in a casual way, people who have accidents, use drugs, who are ill and so on. It seldom happens to people who develop the perception as a subjective choice. These people are too much powerful for Black Spirits.

These are some elements about the importance of developing the ability of listening to the world around us.

In the next programme we'll talk about: getting out of the world's centre.



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