Palpating the World

The elements of the Sorcerer's Crucible: Sixteenth part

by Claudio Simeoni

(Italian Pagans' Federation)


Federazione Pagana

Programme broadcast on 6th November 1997

We “forget” the last element of the Sorcerer's Crucible on purpose. We waited for the thought to be more definite and for the concepts we expressed to take shape in people's thought, before we define the last element.

The last element of the Crucible is: palpating the world.

We left this element till last because we want to avoid people getting us wrong. Now we can speak about it because we think that our thought is clear enough.

It's necessary to start by saying that there are Tension Lines coming out from our hands and that through these Tension Lines we put ourselves in touch with the whole surrounding world. This relation is not an ordinary doing; it's a doing that is specific for our species and we share it with primates. Palpating the world means merging the Vital Energy coming out from our hands with the Vital Energy coming from the surrounding world.

The action we take with our hands can be a habitual and shallow action or a magic one. The difference lays in the subject whose hands take that action. Tension Lines are shaped by the choices through which the subject became and their ability of merging with surrounding objects depends on the Being Power by which the subject built him/herself. Even by using his/her hands.

The Human Being can choose between binding itself to the world and separating from it. When the separation process has started, is very difficult from Human Being to come back to the world. If the individual chooses to go to form the world then it palpates the world. It palpates the world by merging its Vital Energy with the world's. It merges and changes the world's energy to merge and changing itself for this practice, which becomes an integral part of its aim.

How can an individual separate itself from the world or join it? The individual chooses between founding its life for the construction of its own future, becoming and objects it wants to use; and founding its life on taking possession of more than the Social System imposes.

We already talk about attention. The attention allows us to focus our aim on what we are doing.

The action supported by the attention activates the Tension Lines coming out from hands and concentrates them on what we are doing.

The manipulation of matter, every matter, immediately becomes a magic act.

Tension Lines coming out from hands merge themselves with the matter's Vital Energy, modifying themselves, and so they bring back to the individual what the matter sends out.

For this reason most of medieval Witches and Sorcerer's forged themselves through relations between Human Being and matter, that is, in other words, through their work. This goes also for those Pagan deities perceived and developed through agriculture, in ancient cultures. The work constructed the relation with the surrounding, where the subject's will merged with the matter's will and determinations. Matter changes changed also the subject whose Being Power was nourished if s/he acted supported by attention.

The history of alchemy is the history of the development of the Being's Personal Power by the manipulation of the matter using the attention.

There's a particular kind of Apprentices Sorcerers, to which I belong too: the mechanics. This category is very recent because the ability of altering ourselves to penetrate quite complex mechanisms is something recent in human development. While the smiths merged their Vital Energy with the one of the metal they worked at, stroke and moulded, the mechanic has to penetrate the mechanism inside the working system and modify it to obtain the desired effect. The mechanic's action on the matter is an action of research and analysis of details, while they're inserted into a functional whole, and of the functional whole in order to reach the detail. Every action done by people who manipulate the matter has the purpose to reach a goal that is part of general aim. The mechanic's action has some peculiarities, which allow her/him to extend her/his doing to every kind of mechanism, be it magic, social, religious or moral. Maybe the mechanic doesn't know the elements that brought to the formation of that mechanism because s/he needs more specific knowledge, but s/he will be surely able to recognize the connection causing the phenomenon.

This alchemic path is very young and need to be improved. However, it's already giving good results.

Palpating the matter is a generic expression to define every action dome with hands. There's a more specific activity falling into the palpation of the world: human sexual activity.

Sexual intercourse is an activity aimed to merge both participants' Vital Energies. Merging Vital Energies means speeding up the running of their Vital Energies.

There's a way to prevent Vital Energies from merging by a sexual act; this is the rape. When one of the participants takes possession of the other, sexual intercourse becomes a mere physiological function; it is nothing magickal and it also destroys both the possessor's and the possessed's energy fields.

When sexual intercourses aim to satisfy all the participants, their sexual energies (sexual energy is Vital Energy immediately usable for the practice of dreaming or the ambush art) merge and become one. After the participants detach themselves, they both recover their Vital Energies enriched by the energy field of the person with whom s/he merged her/his Crucible. The intercourse released in the environment the participants' stagnated Vital Fource as much as the intercourse was pleasant and satisfying. It speeded up the participants' Vital Fources flow.

Sexual act is a magic act in itself!

It didn't happen by chance that, during christian obscurantism, the worshippers of the slaughterer of Sodom and Gomorrah went to war against sexuality with a ferocity without precedent. Magick had often to turn to Sexual Magic in order to reach human survival minimum level, because of the atrocious living condition into which christians, and expecially catholic people, forced Human Beings.

Catholics often described Sexual Magic as a horror produced by what they described as the devil. But the real horror was, and still is, their practice of destruction of human sexuality, by preventing children from following their tensions (the merciless war they waged on masturbation is part of the history of horror). The real horror is the action by which catholic people force Human Beings into sexual and daily submission; horror is not Human Beings' efforts to escape horror. Every effort a Human Being did to escape horror, although means used can be violent, is a noble attempt because horror doesn't have any excuse or reason for dominating Human Beings. We should condemn not people who ask for Freedom in their existences, but people asking for others' submission and imposing it by force and violence. Force and violence have been used until these days to impose Educational Conditioning.

Palpating the world also consists in having sex. People who don't have sex can't construct their magical becoming. Having sex to develop ourselves, I mean, and not to conceive! If you want to have children, this must be a subjective choice. Having children means being aware that we have a long work to do, because having children entails that we have to warrant a future to them.

To choose and not to be subjected! If you're forced to suffer, you must escape.


Don't be remorseful.

Don't be remorseful, because violence is not only forcing people into doing something undesired, but also forcing them into making themselves feel guilty.

By this Republican Constitution catholics banned sexual education.

By this Republican Constitution catholics banned abortion, to create misery and pain.

By this Republican Constitution catholics banned divorce, to create misery and pain.

Their technique consists in making people who are unable to defend themselves feel guilty. The need for Freedom from impositions is the expression of Nature Being inside Human Being.

Palpating the world is turning a work, a task, a job into a magical act.

The connection between Human Being and the surrounding world is established by doing. This doing constructs the relation, while the attention merges Vital Energies of those who take part in the relation.

This is the last element of the Sorcerer's Crucible.

Let's stir the elements we put into it, with the Sorcerer's stick composed by suspension of internal dialogue, suspension of judgement and scepticism, and then let's found human becoming in the infinite of changes.


The Sorcerer's Crucible is the first part of a work I'm developing and presenting on Radio Gamma 5, broadcasting from Cadoneghe (PD). We broadcast a series of programmes about the Sorcerer's Crucible, element after element, because every element is a system in itself. This description allows us to complete the first level of Human Being's change, which is the individual's escape from the horror of the submission to monotheistic religions. Practising the Crucible and making it fit to his/her possibilities and predilection are possibilities the knowledge of which turns the individual into a Pagan, when s/he takes in her/his hands the becoming.




Witchcraft is the art of building ourselves in harmony with the world, turning physical body's death into the luminous body's birth!



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