Federazione Pagana

Spring Equinox Rite

In the Sacred Wood of Jesolo

Di Claudio Simeoni


On Saturday the 25th March 2006, in the Sacred Wood in Via Ca' Gamba, seventh traversa, 3, Jesolo, Venice, we are organizing the Spring Equinox Rite.

Spring Equinox Rite is the Rite that celebrates the Birth. Every Birth:


On the Pagan Altar near the Sacred Wood we'll prepare a pile of seasoned wood taken from the Wood itself.

Around the rite area, we'll light many candles to represent sparkles of life that show themselves every moment in the Cosmos, beginning their existence.


Central moment of the rite is the reading of Hymns that celebrate Births of Life, of Cosmos, of some GOD(DESSE)S, and the arrival of the soul to the light after physical body's death.

Hymns have been chosen from various Ancient religious traditions.

The rite starts with choice of people who are going to read the hymns and with lighting of torches during invocation of the four angles of the world, called by recitation of four fragments from Chaldaic Oracles.

After the calling, we'll light the fire.

Then we'll start going aroud the fire making noise with drums, bells and other musical instrument, to call God(desse)s and all Forces of Nature to join us in this rite.

We'll throw salt and sugar in the fire, to represent passion, life and earth.

When flames lower, every hymn reader will take a stick from the fire, and as soon as the stick sets off, the reader takes his/her place in the reading zone, following the order in which sticks have set off (it's quite a chaotic moment).

After having read the Hymns we'll split the fire in two and feed it. People can pass between fires (if they want and when they want). If in Summer rite this passage means immersion in Knowledge, in Spring rite this means the moment of birth.

Then we'll have an ending and thanksgiving circle. This is the main schemes, everu variant must stay inside it.

The rite begins at 5:30 p.m. and everyone must be at the Altar place at 5 pm.

From the place where we can leave cars (private parking), we have to walk about 350 meters to reach the altar. Photos are allowed only if you have already taken part to our rites during last years, warranting for discretion in using photos.

Bring your personal instruments to make music; bring yourselves

After the rite we are going to eat pizza in a restaurant in Jesolo


Spring Equinox Rite




Claudio Simeoni


Apprendista Stregone

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