Vegetative streams

The elements of the Sorcerer's Crucible: Thirteenth part

by Claudio Simeoni

(Italian Pagans' Federation)


Federazione Pagana

Programme broadcast on 17th July 1997

Today we'll put in the Sorcerer's Crucible a new element. In the latest programme we talk about meditation and contemplation. I would like to mention how we can learn meditation in various ways, even practising yoga or similar techniques. I would like also to remember that every element in the Crucible tends to take possession of the individual while s/he is stirring in the Crucible (every element is a divine Consciousness inside and outside the Being who's stirring the Crucible and the part of the element outside this Being helps the part of the same element that is inside her/him). Every element is a power in itself and needs to be dominated (that is we have to make it work for our development – the development of the individual it belongs to) by stirring with the Sorcerer's Stick. The new element we'll introduce is: vegetative streams.

This practice belongs to modern Witchcraft. The words “vegetative streams” were coined by Reich, who individuated them as factors of the individual's regeneration. What are vegetative streams?

Normally we don't pay attention to them, but when we're tired and we sit down to rest we feel some kind of pricking along our body. These are vegetative streams. If we lie back and point the attention to our body, to all its parts, this pricking can be directed and increased. It can be strengthened.

When we stop the internal dialogue we let the surrounding permeate us and the vegetative streams acquire strength and vigour. They not only relax us, but they awake to gather and make compact the luminous body.

The luminous body becomes compact inside Human Being through the vegetative streams. The Human Being nourishes the vegetative streams by using its own will and determinations, by manipulating its own attention, by relating itself with the surrounding, nourishing Freedom in Freedom.

Vegetative streams are means of human becoming.

Vegetative streams are well known in Hindu practices and their development is known as the Kundalini's awakening. A force that rises from the sacrum and wakes the various Chakras disposed along the body, which are, according to Hindus, centres of compression and utilization of Vital Force for everyday life.

Every element we put in the Crucible is a power that tends to take possession of the whole individual. Only mixing in the Crucible all the elements introduced we can build the balance of the becoming.

Paying attention to the vegetative streams means nourishing the inner force by which the individual builds him/herself relating with the surrounding.

Using our attention by focusing it inside us, concentrating it on out inner vibrations; using will and determinations by which we make ourselves compact. The mechanism of Kundalini's awakening can show up in an individual, but this is not the only way by which the inner Vital Force makes itself compact or expresses its compaction process. Every single Chakra can be opened without a precise order; we can also develop what a Chakra expresses without feeling what the Hindus describe. The predetermined order is a cultural order and not a physiological one!

Chakras can be opened without a precise order, but we must remember that the Chakras opening is an effect of the luminous body's development and of its interaction with the physical body. If these effects are not controlled and the individual doesn't have self-control, the individual's physical side and reason will take possession of these new abilities using them for aims of everyday life and draining their potentialities.

Opening a Chakra means exposing oneself. It means becoming a prey of the surrounding. To open a Chakra we need to be able to use our wills to look for a symbiotic balance with the surrounding. Opening a Chakra means stopping our development if we didn't succeed in holding our attention to the aim of the time while it's coming towards us! Focusing the attention on vegetative streams is an action by which we claim the right to the development of our Being Power against the surrounding. We put so many elements in our Crucible that we declare ourselves masters of our aim and determinations.

Now we have to put in the Crucible two other elements to reach the first degree of completeness: the practice of dreaming and the practice of calling things with their real names.

These will be the matter of the next programme.



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