Federazione Pagana

Claudio Simeoni
Translation: Manuela Simeoni


Brief presentation of Federazione Pagana


The FEDERAZIONE PAGANA was born with the overcoming of a problem:
what is the Italian traditional paganism or religion?

Religious history of Italy started far ago in the mists of time. Palaeolithic and Mesolithic cultures left great religious traces in burials and funerary equipments, like it happened in the whole Europe. Those people from the sea which invaded Egypt between XIII and XII century a.e.v. came from Sardinia, Sicily and Tyrrhenian Sea. Then in Italy came the Phoenicians and around 1000 a.e.v. the “italian”” populations included Euganeans, Venetics, Ligurians, Etruscans, Latins, Picenes, Apulians, Sabins, Samnites, Sicans, Bruttii and many others. Then Celts and Greeks (Pythagoras founded his school in Crotone, in Magna Graecia and Archimedes was from Siracuse, Sicily) came. At the end was Rome that, unifying the Mediterranean, brought in Italy religions from the East.

And it is from Italy that the christian horror started and ruined the whole world.

These are the reasons why the Federazione Pagana didn’t choose a particular religious ancient tradition as a model, but tries to gather all the common principles that lay behind all those fragments of ancient religions that have come to us.

The Federazione Pagana so made this debate start in Italy: what religious principles do we practise and why? What does the emersion of ancient religions mean, in a christian hegemonic context? What is christianism and why are ancient religions antagonists to it?

Hymn to the Fire.Summer solstice evocation by Federazione Pagana (Italian Pagans' Federation).

Oath by Federazione Pagana: freedom in Ancient Religions as a foundation of Polytheistic Paganism. Athens 2004.

The bronze door of Tartarus!

Hymns for Summer Solstice Ritual. Pagan hieratic elements

1) - To understand Grecian Ancient Religion; an outstanding matter: the interpretation of Deity Gaea!

2) - General speech about presentation of Witchcraft and Polytheistical Paganism

3) - Keepers of the Antichrist

4) - The myth of la Vecchia Religione (The Old Religion)

5) - Arlecchino and the Benandanti: a battle of Witchcraft.

6) - Notes about dreaming

7) - The difference between astral body and luminous body

8) - Polytheistical paganism and Witchcraft as a religion of human release from christian horror - Fundamental foundations of modern Paganism.

9) - The initiation by the Gods

10) - Perceiving beings made only by vital fource and meeting the Gods (Part I)

11) - Perceiving beings made only by vital fource and meeting the Gods (Part II); Further explainations!

The Sorcerer's Crucible:

General and concise principles of the western way to knowledge. The path by which Human Beings meet the gods, becoming gods themselves, day after day!



Claudio Simeoni

Translation: Manuela Simeoni

1) - Introduction

2) - Suspension of the judgement

2a) - Scepticism

2b) - Suspension of the internal dialogue: those three elements form the SORCERER'S STICK

3) - From the Sorcerer's stick derives: Necessity Judgement

4) - Attention, related to senses

5) - Aim

6) - Asking ourselves the reason of things

7) - Controlled madness

8) - Listening to the world around us

9) - Getting out of the world's centre

10) - Ambush

11) - Living with will and Determination: meaning of Living for Challenge

12) - Meditation, Contemplation and "prayer"

13) - Vegetative streams

14) - The practice of dreaming calling things with their real names

15) - Palpating the world


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To construct Polytheistic Paganism and Witchcraft.