Winter Solstice invocation

A God is born

Claudio Simeoni


Winter Solstice hymns A God is born

A God is being born
I have not been won, I stretch my days

I see and I have the sight
I feel and I get excited
I act and plan
I think and describe

I rise in the world in which I live
I have accomplished what my species has decreed

I am the flower of Aphrodite
In a heart that received me becoming my home

From the nostrils I breathe the power of life
With which I dissolve the bonds and enter into the flame
To put justice where there is no justice


Aqui você pode encontrar a versão original em italiano

Tradução para o Português Solstício de inverno. Nasce un Deus

Translated into English Winter Solstice invocation: Bull, heart and life.


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Winter Solstice

The invocations of the Winter Solstice are the invocations of the prisoner.
The prisoner wants to be free. The prisoner wants to take off his chains.
The prisoner wants to face the world outside his cell.
The psychological tension of the prisoner who wants to free himself from the bonds is the religious significance of the Winter Solstice. At that moment the Sun frees itself from bonds. The hours of darkness decrease and the hours of light begin to increase during the day.