Winter Solstice invocation

Bull, heart and life

Claudio Simeoni


Bull who alert the herd; shall your heart be calm!

Bull, whose strength tends in desire and will; shall your heart be calm!

Roaring bull that shudder in the impelling action; shall your heart be calm!

Bull, whose action changes the state of Heaven and Earth; shall your heart be calm!

Impetuous, inconsiderate, insane, impulsive, incautious, senseless,
rash, scatterbrained, unthinking bull; shall your heart be calm!

Bull, whose horns of the Intent are aimed at the immense unknown; shall your heart be calm!


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Translated into English Winter Solstice invocation: Bull, heart and life.


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Winter Solstice

The invocations of the Winter Solstice are the invocations of the prisoner.
The prisoner wants to be free. The prisoner wants to take off his chains.
The prisoner wants to face the world outside his cell.
The psychological tension of the prisoner who wants to free himself from the bonds is the religious significance of the Winter Solstice. At that moment the Sun frees itself from bonds. The hours of darkness decrease and the hours of light begin to increase during the day.