Winter Solstice invocation

The contract between men and Gods

Claudio Simeoni


Every God and every Goddess
that imprisons my anger,
protecting the walls
within which it is enclosed,
shall abandon this intent,

And especially you,
Gods who protect
the integrity of the present, cease to protect
the uterus that leads into infinity
from which I want to emerge;

I invoke you,
by Hecate Trivia’s hands,
by Aphrodite heart,
by Ares’ fury.

May you abandon
these obsessive walls
and join your strength,
to mine,
to my will,
to my determination,
to my intent;

May you abandon the form that binds me,
so that I can break the limbs.

May you abandon the ropes,
so that I can untie the bonds

May you support my fury,
against obstacle builders

May you switch to my side
and nourish my will with intelligence.

May you enjoy the fire of life
that we have turned on this winter day
and as Helios Invictus rises in his days
thus, limbs broken and ligaments loosened,
we rise to a new life.

If you do that,
I swear to you
that men will rebuild the temples
and with rites will celebrate
the rhythm of life.


Aqui você pode encontrar a versão original em italiano

Tradução para o Português Solstício de inverno. O contrato entre os Homens e Deuses

Translated into English Winter Solstice invocation: The contract between men and Gods.


The religious rites of the Federazione Pagana



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Marghera, 30 novembre 2012

Claudio Simeoni


Apprentice Sorcerer

Keeper of the Antichrist

P.le Parmesan 8

30175 Marghera Venice


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Winter Solstice

The invocations of the Winter Solstice are the invocations of the prisoner.
The prisoner wants to be free. The prisoner wants to take off his chains.
The prisoner wants to face the world outside his cell.
The psychological tension of the prisoner who wants to free himself from the bonds is the religious significance of the Winter Solstice. At that moment the Sun frees itself from bonds. The hours of darkness decrease and the hours of light begin to increase during the day.