Polytheistic Paganism and Witchcraft as
religion of human release from
Christian horror

by Claudio Simeoni

(Italian Pagans' Federation)


Federazione Pagana

Claudio Simeoni mechanic apprentice sorcerer keeper of the Antichrist Presents: Polytheistic Paganism and Witchcraft as religion of human release from Christian horror. index:

1) Creation in Polytheistical Paganism

2) Life and Death

3) Conception of Divine as denial of God

4) The absolutely necessary being

5) The horror of christian-catholic religious conception

6) The surrounding as a consciousness

7) Witchcraft's rites as a way to found freedom

8) Polytheistical Paganism as a Religion


1) Universe, and all the things it holds, becomes in itself. The force of transformation is in the world, in the existing, since the beginning of time. That force is the essence of the Free Will that in Polytheistical Paganism is defined as "Subjective Adaption to Objective Variables" and to the seer looks like an active force which permeates the whole existing. This force is NECESSITY.

2) In Polytheistical Paganism, the first brick to form universe is the Vital Fource that gives itself a structure because of Necessity, adapting itself in different ways depending on present conditions. Every Being, and in our case every Human Being, through functional adaption of its own attention chooses to perceive and distinguish different forms of substances or energy. When a concentration of Vital Fource becomes a Self-Consciousness in different ways, it adds its own Will to the Necessity that formed it. That Consciousness becomes Fate and just because it's a god, it exerts its will (depending on what it has become) to choose its own adaption and expand itself, through a series of changes, in order to become eternal.

3) The creation of the world ex nihilo(from nothing) is just a vulgar fraud committed in order to subjugate Human Beings to extraneous will and determinations. Subjugating Human Beings to an extraneous will, means bereaving them of their will, since they were children and they couldn't remember, destroying their becoming in the eternity of changes.

If someone asks "Who created the chaos? Who created the primordial egg or the yellow disk in a black field from which the Primordial Chaos originated?" he or she will better think how they imposed him or her the conception of creation from before they learned to speak. Polytheistical Paganism adfirms that all things have originated from previous transformations. Polytheistical Paganism has a logical and precise answer to the question "Who created christians' god?" Christians' god was created by some Human Beings who wanted to destroy their enemies. They found that subjugating them to a god-owner was very functional for their needs. They turned their invention into a trascendental idea in order to destroy and dominate Human Beings in a better way. Asking "Who created..." means renewing the christian fraud about the real existence of their god. It means separating the aim of the consciousness existence from the consciousness itself in order to bereave the consciousness of the ability of self determination. So the consciousness delegates its existence and aims to an owner who uses that consciousness for his whims.


1) In Polytheistical Paganism every Being of Nature's life is its own opportunity to become eternal.

2) In Polytheistical Paganism Beings of Nature's life is the way through which the Vital Fource that became a Consciousness enriches itself until it can turn the death of Physical Body into the birth of the Luminous Body. The Luminous Body goes on through the series of changes until it becomes eternal. Self-Consciousness moves from the Physical Body to the Luminous Body.

3) The enrichment of Beings of Nature's Consciousness takes place through the exertion of their own Will and determinations, through the development of their own Knowledge, taking in their own hands the responsibility of their existences.

4) Submitting ourselves to a god-owner or, that is even worse, subjectivizing the will of the god-owner, forcing other Beings of our own species on their knees, leads to the destruction of our Luminous Body. The Death of Physical Body coincides with the death of the Luminous Body: end of Consciousness!

5) When we act in order to destroy the future of our species trying to take possession of this future, we are destroying our own future.

6) In Polytheistical Paganism the conception of Death doesn't exist, exists the conception of birth: the Foetus is born, the Boy or the Girl is born, the adult Human Being is born, the Luminous Being is born.

The conception of Death as a dissolution is a christian conception. The Submission to christians' god leads to the destruction of the Luminous Body, so that the Death of Physical Body coincides with the dispersion of their Vital Fource: life has become an abortion. Christians know that very well, but they absolve themselves of their actions, trusting on the promise of the resurrection of the body. It's a pity for the lunatic from Nazareth that this should have happened about two thousands years ago.


1) In Polytheistical Paganism every self-conscious concentration of Vital Fource has the aim of expand itself carrying on the changes, that are typical of its species, in order to become eternal.

2) Sometimes a Consciousness doesn't become eternal because some objective conditions destroy the series of changes too soon, but every Being must exert its own will to become eternal. On the contrary, there's the suicide as an admission of its failure. The most common form of suicide is kneeling to the Slaughterer of Sodom and Gomorrah

3) When a Being, whatever its nature is, and whatever it became, exerts its Will, to develop its own Being Power, in that moment it's a god among gods, because the surrounding world is formed by Consciousnesses whose aim is to become eternal developing their own Being Power.

4) The adaption of Consciousnesses by Necessity and Will turns the world we are living in into a divine whole in which we take part insofar as we act in order to develop our Being Power.

5) Every Being is a god among gods insofar as they walk together towards the eternity of changes. He or She who lives developing his/her own Being Power, has no alternative but to help every other Being to develop its own Being Power, because this supports him/her in developing his/her Being Power. Human Beings have to impoverish their being to accept the submission as something natural in their existences, because christianity is a way to take possession of individuals making them kneel to a presumed creator god. Christianity, and, expecially here in Italy, Catholicism, has to impoverish culturally and physically individuals to destroy them. The lunatic from Nazareth leads them to do this, as he says "Blessed are the poor in spirit" or "Really, I'm saying to you that, if you don't change and become like children, you'll never enter the kingdom of heaven. So, whoever becomes humble like this child, will be the greatest in the kingdom of heaven..." Matthew

6) In Polytheistical Paganism all Beings of Nature, the whole Nature, the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, Planets, Stars, Galaxies, Beings made only by Vital Fource are nothing but divine Self-Consciousnesses who, through their series of changes, aim to become eternal.

We can walk together with divine Being, putting ourselves in touch with it through our actions, but we can't kneel to them, or else our divine will be destroyed.


1) In Polytheistical Paganism the divine changes continuously and its aim is the forming of the Absolutely Necessary Being. This definition is taken from classic philosophy, and indicates the aim of changes. All the changes made by every Consciousness will form the Universal Consciousness.

2) The Universal Consciousness will be nothing but the result of tensions to eternity at which Consciousnesses of universe aim.

3) In other words; exerting our own Will and determinations, we will build the Universe-Consciousness.

4) In Polytheistical Paganism, there isn't a god who creates the existing, but there's the existing which builds Universal Consciousness who is built by every Consciousness through the building of its future.

Starting from this, there's a comparison between two conceptions and the difference between them is obvious: christianity is submission to the god-owner because he promised the resurrection of the body; while in Polytheistical Paganism the search for freedom is the foundation which leads to eternity.


We must remember that christianity hasn't got a doctrin or a vision fitted for convince people of the correctness of its vision. Christianity can only impose itself with violence, torture and economical or social blackmail.

Today, christianity survives in this country because it is allowed to put children on their knees in crêches, nursery schools and primary schools. Christianity is allowed to act widely undisturbed in jails, hospitals and hospices, where there isn't religious respect, but social blackmail is widely practiced.

Christianity has dominated by the cruelty of red-hot irons and of blackmails. By coercion on children. Its tecnique consists in taking possession of Social Command, explaining to it how imposing its religion is more suitable in order to keep Human Beings' submission.

We must remember how christianity imposed itself, even if we, as Polytheistical Pagans, put the responsibility of the destruction of Paganism down to roman emperor as god-man, because he prepared the arrive of another god-man (and we accuse the Stoics of having supplied those who can't do nothing else but cutting their enemies' throats, raping children, turning Human Beings into livestock from the herd their master gave them, with doctrinal waepons. Among the Stoics, Seneca.). In other words, christianity improved what Augustus had started.









n.b Gelasius is called "the corrupt" because he wanted to take possession of Human Beings by keeping Kings and Emperors under his control.

About this, we need to explain what was the religious conception that christianity brought in the ancient world, and why this conception realized itself in the mother-boiler (he boiled his mother while she was still alive) Constantine, in order to rule over Human Beings.

CHRISTIANS' GOD is he who:

1) is the creator and the absolute master, in front of whom all things have to kneel!

2) prevents Human Being from picking from the tree of eternal life and from becoming GODS themselves!

3) isn't able to face the contradictions of his existence, and finds nothing better to do than destroying life on the whole planet with Noah's Flood!

4) is jealous and envious of Human Beings, so he destroys the tower of Babel with which Human Beings are giving the assault to the heavens of Knowledge and Awareness!

5) frightens enemies, so that a coward as David is, can hit them from the rear!

6) is the creator of the universe, almighty and omniscient, and finds nothing better to do than slaughter Egyptian children to take back his human livestock: can't he simply take it back with his power without slaughterings? No! The teaching of the biblical GOD is to slaughter those who cannot defend themselves!

7) imposes his commandments so that the slave obeys and can't obtain justice, in contraposition with Hammurabi's code which is wroten "so that the weakest can obtain justice on the strongest"!

8) orders Abraham to kill his son asking him for a demonstration of his submission!

9) slaughters in a cowardly way the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah, because they don't do what he would like they do!


1) At the origins of time there is no creator will;

2) Biblic god is only an invention to frighten Human Beings;

3) There are Beings made only by Vital Fource who feed on Stagned Vital Fource produced by those Human Beings who, unable to face life, plead for someone who soothes their pain and desperation; so those Beings will build pain and desperation in order to turn Human Beings into livestock to breed to produce their food!


1) He's a lunatic who, by saying that the onlooker will see him coming on the clouds on his father's right, asks the judges to submit: he despises the objective justice from which christian hierarchies escape!

2) He orders his followers to destroy Human Beings' activity done in order to become gods (become gods = build the "daimon", from ancient greek, means the god inside) by driving out the demon, which is their ability to determine their future and their life! How many little women will be put on a stake because of the charge of being possessed!

3) He imposes on his followers not to provide for the future "only Pagans do this". So he teaches them to plunder those who sow and cultivate! Christians will make an art out of fraud and deceit; they will use this art to destroy whole populations; including American Natives!

4) By the destruction of the fig tree (in all three versions) he teaches to rape and destroy the world and those who refuse him. He substitutes the Pagan conception of " venerating the world to build life" with the christian conception "raping the world to subject it!". He repeats that old testament's conception: "Do what I want you to do or else I will kill you!". And then boys go to school and shoot their schoolmates!

5) He puts himself in touch with Human Beings as they were the livestock he owns, sheeps from his flock, which the god-owner his father gave him and nobody can take it away from him! This is John; look to the wars that missionaries do against other religions or ideas like the stakes for those who they call heretics!

6) Christian churches indicate, by imitating the lunatic from Nazareth, the raping of children, when he says "Let the children come to me" and in that episode in which a boy runs away all naked after leaving the sheet in the soldier's hands, when Jesus is arrested in Mark's gospel! Only recently people start to believe those boys who charge christian priests of having raped them and judges start to consider how heavy the crime is!

7) When a rich and respectful of laws man offers him to follow the lunatic from Nazareth, the latter finds nothing better to do than order the rich man to destroy all his wealth instead of using it in order to improve Human Beings' life and Social System in which he lives! Only who renounce the idea of building his/her own future can be subjugated!

8) The lunatic from Nazareth is he who indicates the destruction of knowledge; as god his father gave him the knowledge, he can give it whoever he wants! Christians arrived and provided for all ancient Roman medicine to be destroyed, they closed schools and thermae down, they closed the academy down and burnt books and libraries!

9) The lunatic from Nazareth is he who isn't able to make himself valued for Human Beings' life and so orders to cut the throats of those who didn't want him to rule over them. This teaching we found in Luke's gospel is the lunatic from Nazareth's order to christians for hundreds millions of individuals to be destroyed!

10) The lunatic from Nazareth is he who imposes on his followers to despice those who don't accept silly things he is raving (shake the dust from your sandals; then we'll put them on stakes! Ninive will be treated in a better way!) The horror of colonialism starts from the this poor lunatic's orders!

11) He treats a poor woman like a dog (crumbs to the dogs) because of his mere racist contempt! Racism is an integral part of christian (expecially catholic) ideology!

12) He likes to put on some scent better than help the poors (they are considered like beasts "that you must have always with you")! The poors aren't men who can arise from their conditions, they are beasts to be used in order to satisfy christians' cravings due to death pulsion and expressed by the pleasure of subjugating and humiliating!

13) He teaches to beat and torture those who can't defend themselves (he orders him who is called his friend to be bound and sent where there's pain and gnashing of teeth)! This lunatic doesn't know any other way to put himself in touch with the world, but for beating those who can't defend themselves and running away when some other people take some stones!

14) He tries a coup d'état by occupying the temple and chasing away the lawful users in full defiance of laws and traditions! It's the teaching that wants the destruction of traditions and conditions in which the individuals develop their life: he's the master and so he destroys. He doesn't know the meaning of "build", because the end of the world is near! Looking at the fig tree buds!

15) He's a poor lunatic who talks about the imminence of the end of world in order to prevent Human Beings from building their own future! "Believe in what I say: the end of world is near" how many madmen imitated him! How many people suffered because they believed!

These doctrinal conditions were imposed on Social Systems. Since Human Being wasn't made in a mad god's own image and likeness, but it was generated by its species through a process of subjective action to objective variables which lasted millions of years, this Human Being adapts its emotional structure to cultural conditions it meets since it's born.

What's the result of its aption efforts to survive to the horror of the objectivity it meets when it's being born?

This Human Being will be able to live only taking possessions, raping, torturing, destroying, cheating if it's strong or suffering fraud, destruction, theft, dispossession, humiliation if it's weak. It will plan revenge in its heart! The Social System will build itself on this! Inside this kind of Social System, the Freedom that Human Beings will try to build, will start from this imposed horror and they who practise christian horror will impose an even worse horror on those who will ask for Freedom.

This is black magic; these are some circumstances which led christianity to rape Human Beings turning them from Quirites into livestock from the herd which the good shepherd took and takes to the slaughterhouse of their lives.


1) From the point of view of Polytheistical Paganism, the surrounding world is constituted by Consciousnesses whose aim is to continue the series of changes.

The necessity that leads Consciousnesses' actions and determines their directions is Freedom.

Freedom is a divine Consciousness which lets itself down in every Consciousness! It's divine among divines!

Freedom is that divine which leads Consciousnesses to remove the obstacles that prevent them from developing their Being Power.

2) In a divine system in which relations among Consciousnesses are determined by Being Power, the removal of obstacles to developement must be done towards weaker Consciousnesses who are more exposed to coercion of Having Power.

3) Having Power not only threatens the species in which it spreads itself but it also threatens every other species because its expansion shows itself in destruction of the future of the species and of the divine objectivity in which that species has grown.

4) That's the reason why Consciousnesses from surrounding world use their divine pouring out Vital Fource in order to nourish every path of Freedom that expresses itself inside human species. This is the only way for them to preserve their own paths towards eternity before the madness of Having Power, which believes itself sent by the god-owner, destroys their paths towards eternity with no way-out.

5) Becoming like the Consciousness of surrounding world towards Human Kind is called


6) The plan by the lunatic from Nazareth about Human Beings' submission to what he calls "god my father" consists in destroying Human Beings' future leading them empty to the death of physical body which, in this case, coincides with the death of the luminous body. As compensation he promised he would resurrect them in their bodies (but without sex, as he said to Sadducees).

The plan by the Antichrist consists in supporting the breath of Freedom of Human Kind, so that, after it has got rid of submission to monotheistic religions, it can continue to change towards eternity.

Just this can help Consciousnesses from surrounding world to continue their changes towards eternity.

In Witchcraft there are no secrets. All surrounds us. It's like having a book in our hands. We can't know what it contains until we learn the language in which that book has been written. There aren't hidden things, there is the necessity of the individual to transform itself. To do it, easy to be defined things from the Sorcerer's Crucible are enough, but they need to be applied systematically and adapted to the specificity of our life, plans and aims through subjective intelligence. The Antichrist can whisper Freedom to your ears, an Apprentice Sorcerer can show you the elements of the Sorcerer's Crucible, but only you know the fire of life and the love for the world that burning inside you can turn the elements of the Sorcerer's Crucible from descriptions of tecniques into GODS who dance the life of eternity for you! A Sorcerer shows the way, but the fire of life with which the way will be covered belongs to every single individual who will enrich that way while s/he covers it!


1) Witchcraft is the art through which every Human Being forces itself to escape the kneeling position in which christians force it, so that it can take its future in its own hands, exerting Will and determinations in order to develop its Being Power.

2) In Witchcraft, rites vary from person to person, from generation to generation.

3) Since Witchcraft and Polytheistical Paganism are a subjective perception of the surrounding world, in Polytheistical Paganism and in Witchcraft there isn't a truth to which Human Beings must be bent. There is a path of Freedom where truth is nothing else but description of the level of Freedom the subject reached, and it's modifiable as soon as subjective Freedom becomes wider.

4) The person who bends Human Beings' future to a presumed truth, takes only aim at destroying Human Beings' future. Subjugating people to an a priori truth is practicing black magic. Black magic is the art the catholic priest practices when he puts Human Beings on their knees.

5) In Witchcraft and in Polytheistical Paganism rites take aim at centralizing attention on what stops Human Beings' future. Rites point out Freedom of the moment and situation in which they are elaborated.

6) Those aberrant games done by pseudosatanists, who christians say are dangerous, are nothing else but behaviours and in reply to phobic situations (often of sexual nature) that christians imposed on vulnerable individuals through familiar coercion or institutional coercion, of which they believe they are the masters in many sectors. So these aberrant games are christian aberrations!

What can an Apprentice Sorcerer do? S/he can indicate the obstacles to remove so that the obectivity favours a path of Freedom to advantage of those who want develop their perception of infinite and of the Social System. So, the Social System can favour a future of Freedom so that every new born can build her/his own Being Power!


1) It's the past as relation between Human Beings' Self-Consciousness and the Self-Conscious Surrounding World.

2) It's the past as relation between Human Beings and the determinations of their acting, in relation to surrounding world's determinations.

3) The fundamental rule of Paganism:

A) I give you (or I thank you) because you give me or you will give me.

B) I received, so I give.

C) I take what you don't need (so I don't owe you anything)

D) You take what I don't need (so you don't owe me anything)

E) I give you because the increase of your strenght, Knowledge, Acting increases my strenght, Knowledge, Acting.

4) "Paganism" is the future because it builds the objectivity (the conditions) in which individuals can develop their Being Power through relations with the surrounding.

5) A "Pagan" lives in the present for the future. S/he builds the future by developing an objectivity of Freedom for the whole Human Kind. "Paganism" needs the contribution of the wealth from every diversity of perceptions. It needs every Human Being's specificity, perceptions, specific ideal contribution.

6) In "Paganism" Freedom is every Being's Freedom to follow its series of changes in order to become eternal. In "Paganism" Freedom is an objectivity of Freedom in which the changes of every individual Freedom can be followed. "Paganism" can't subjugate a Being, or else it will destroy itself.

7) There are as many "Paganisms" as the number of Human Beings, but all these "Paganisms" cover a stream of changes through which they can become eternal.

8) "Paganism" considers every Being of Nature, every Planet, every Human Being, everything in the surrounding world as a god who develops its own Being Power in order to become eternal by exerting its determinations and will.

9) "Paganism" considers that everytime that a Being concentrates its attention on satisfying a necessity, putting itself in touch with other Beings who have similar Necessities, this Being builds a Centre of Vital Fource which, when it becomes strong enough, through the relations with other Beings who have the same necessities, acquires Self -Consciousness and starts a path that, by exerting its will and determinations, tends to continue along its own series of changes in order to become eternal. In "Paganism" these centres are god with whom we can put ourselves in touch.

10) The DIVINITY is anyone, both "thing" and "living being" who walks along a path of developement which, by exerting its will, tends to become eternal, helping the surrounding world to become eternal, through the developement of every specific BEING POWER!


Extract from the lecture given in Marghera on 07.09.1996; given as a lecture itself in Vicenza in 1997, in Treviso in 1998 and in Marostica (VI) in 2000!


Write only in Italian, please!

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